Хамитов - о бое с Аббасовым: Показал 40 процентов от своих возможностей

Khamitov – on the fight with Abbasov: shown 40 percent of their abilities


On April 26, Moscow hosted the Fight Nights Global 93, which hosted the Kazakh fighter Kuat Khamitov. In an interview with the Prosports.kz correspondent Kanat Rakhimzhanov Khamitov summarized the results of the last battle.

Last Friday, 31-year-old Khamitov came up with Nariman Abbasov for the lightweight championship (70 kg). The fight lasted every five rounds and ended in favor of the Azerbaijan fighter. After the fight, Khamitov said he disapproved of the court decision. In an interview with Prosports.kz, the fighter described in more detail the past tournament.

– Did Nariman Abbasov manage to surprise you in this fight?

– The fight went as planned – to my dictation. The rival was not surprised by anything, because I read all his movements and saw every one of his punches. To understand, you just have to watch the fight again. Only in the last three rounds did I beat him with more than a hundred strokes, not counting strength strokes. I did the first two laps very easy.

The last time Kuat Khamitov joined Octagon in November 2017 when he met Peter Quilli from Ireland in Almaty. This fight lasted every five rounds and ended with the decision of the judge in favor of Khamitov. Later, the jury changed the result of the fight in a draw.

– Regarding idle time, I do not think it influenced me because I worked well for all 5 laps, even though there were times when reflexes and feelings of distance due to idle times were somewhat rusty. Especially as a drummer, I gave Abbasov the chance to work at the front. As a result, he did not deliver a single accurate hit.

– Before the battle, it was reported that you failed to weigh with a weight of 2.5 kg. What were the difficulties in weightlifting?

– Everything went according to plan, I would quietly gain weight, if not for one thing, but … many reasons. Yes, and I have to be examined two years ago. My doctor warned me that I'm not 100% healthy. I have to get well. It will not go on.

– In your opinion, could they unleash their full potential in this battle?

– I can not say that he showed everything. To be honest, I showed a maximum of 40 percent of their abilities. Much of what went wrong, I think we'll change it in a repeat fight.

– Remember revenge with Abbasov? For example, in Kazakhstan?

– I hope we will hold a rematch. I do not particularly care where the fight will take place. I'm ready to go to his house and fight there, no problem. However, I think he will avoid revenge because he understands that the judges gave him a victory.

– Are you thinking about switching to other promotions?

– I do not intend to leave the FNG. I like this organization. If I go there, then only to America, and there is no point in stepping back.


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