Zobnin is the new Glushakov. If anyone will make Spartak the champion, then it is he


Spartak - Dynamo - 1: 1, Zobnin is the main character

Zobnin is the new Glushakov. If anyone will make Spartak the champion, then it is he

Roman’s figures for the match against Dynamo are admirable.


Roman Zobnin – absolutely the best player in the match “Spartak” – “Dynamo”. Not only visually, but also according to InStat data. Its index is 353 points: no one even came close to such numbers. His statistics are a masterpiece of the “classics”: 108 technical and tactical actions with 83% success, six shots (four on target), 91% of accurate passes, six tackles, six steals, seven ball rebounds, 23 single combats with 52% success and even three strokes in three tries. But, most importantly, Zobnin scored a stunning goal that saved the red and white from defeat.

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They say that Roman has repeated his career record for hits per match. Probably, in part, today’s courage of the midfielder can be associated with the name of the opponent. Still, he left Dynamo with a scandal and heard so many unpleasant words from the Dynamo fans that now every defeat from the blue and white will be perceived as a personal tragedy. Although Zobnin admitted in an interview with “Championship” that he remembers the past more calmly:

“In fact, I have already cooled down and I understand the fans. Yes, I was a little angry with them then, but now it’s been a long time. There are such fans in any club, I do not hold any grudge. When I moved to Spartak from Dynamo, I understood that they won’t love me anymore. But that was not the decisive factor. “

“Behaved like an animal.” Wild story – three years ago, Zobnin was attacked by Dynamo fans

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The Spartak midfielder spoke about the struggle for the RPL leadership, Tedesco’s coolness and his attitude to the old conflict with the fans.

Nevertheless, in six matches against Dynamo, Roman has only one defeat. Zobnin scored with blue and white in February, and has scored now. It seems that you put him in the goal against Dynamo, he will still create at least one chance.

If anyone will make Spartak the champion this season, it will be Zobnin. He will close any position without loss of exchange, even in the center, even on the flank, he will pull out the team when it does not do much, as in 0: 1 with Dynamo. The midfielder turns into the same leader he was Denis Glushakov in the “golden” season. Even if Roman does not have a Glushakov hit, his influence on the result is just as high. Zobnin is Spartak’s best player throughout the season with 314 points from InStat.

Miroslav Romashchenko, right hand Stanislav Cherchesova in the Russian national team, called Zobnin a systematizing player and a key figure of the national team at the 2018 World Cup. Perhaps the fact that the Russian national team, in the absence of a Spartak player, suffered their biggest defeat in many years with a score of 0: 5, is not just a coincidence. The car stalled – the center, like a tow truck, will take it to the desired address. At least, it will not allow it to turn into a shapeless piece of iron, which happened in Serbia, as long as it itself is able to move. Every Russian footballer would have the character of Zobnin.

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