Жалгас Жумагулов: Готов драться хоть на заднем дворе Али Багаутинова

Zhalgas Zhumagulov: Ready to fight, at least in the backyard of Ali Bagautinov



On April 6, Moscow hosted the Fight Nights Global 92 tournament, in which main battle Ali Bagautinov defeated Vartan Asatryan and became the main candidate for the lightweight championship (56 kg), reports Prosports.kz.

In recent years, Fight Nights Global has urgently needed big fights and big names. After the battle of Fyodor Emelianenko on the FN Global 50 against Fabio Maldonado in 2018, the promotion succeeded in getting Vladimir Mineev and Magomed Ismailov into the cage. The FN Global 90 tournament with the participation of these fighters, which incidentally ended with a scandalous draw, has been the most financially successful company in recent years.

Following this success, the head of promotion, Kamil Hajiyev, and the Matchmakers began a new clash between former lightweight winner Vartan Asatryan and former UFC fighter Ali Bagautinov. This story started in August 2017 from Bagautinov's post on Instagram, where he published a photo and signed it: "Something I can not do for Vartan." More The internet war continued in the coming months. Sure, none of the fighters were in a hurry to sign a contract for a fight, and only the social networks shook loud threats. It was not until last October that the fighters received financial terms agreed by all parties, and the contracts for the duel were not signed until February this year.

Kamil Hajiyev was very pleased with this result, as the last tournament was the first for the company this year. In the last 12 months of last year, only seven events took place. The company's problems began in March 2018, when the co-owner of FN Global Ziyavudin Magomedov was arrested for fraud. After that, the company's tournaments moved to China, Moscow and Kazakhstan, and in recent years many stars have left the promotion.

The final duel between Bagautinov and Asatryan was the last opportunity to stay in the focus of Russia's MMA fans. The company spent so much effort and money promoting the fight, but the most anticipated fight turned out not to be spectacular. For the most part of the fight Bagautinov was the first number. The former UFC fighter successfully moved his opponent to the stands, where he worked successfully at points. The pace of the final rounds plummeted and the crowd had to watch as Ali Vartan controlled the net. The victory went to Bagautinov by the decision of the judges, with whom his rival disagreed.

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"Do I regret what was said after the fight? No. I can repeat that judges are devils. There are no offenses, I am not a girl. Only the judges are the skins, "Vartan said after the fight.

But the fighter was rightfully awarded a fine of 20 percent of the fee, which according to various sources amounted to about $ 50,000.

Note that under FN Global, the Kazakh fighter has seen Nikita Baltabaev in lightweight (92 kg). The fighter met with Vladimir Egoyan from Russia, to whom he had conceded by decision of judges. This defeat was the fourth in the career of a fighter from Kazakhstan with five wins.

The main contender for the title with the least weight, Ali Bagautinov, said that he wanted to fight against the current champion of the organization in this division of Kazakhstani Zhalgas Zhumagulov, however, with some conditions.

"Now I see Zhalgas Zhumagulova as an opponent. I've been there for a long time, and it's already time – five wins in a row. It's true, I do not want to go to Kazakhstan after his last fights, "said Bagautinov in an interview with sport24 (last August, Zhumagulov met at the FN Global 88 tournament in Nur-Sultan with lightweight winner Tagir Ulanbekov from Russia.) The fight ended in Kazakhstan's favor by decision of the judges, and the championship belt went to Jaco.The party of Ulanbekov did not agree with the decision of the judges.

In an interview with Prosports.kz, Zhumagulov responded to the call of Bagautinov and talked about the latest events in his weight.

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– Zhalgas, at the beginning of this year you held training camps in the Tiger Muay Thai Hall in Thailand. What is the off season?

– The Thailand camp was great, but was a bit uncomfortable after returning home. Now everything is fine, I keep training, we plow.

– Ali Bagautinov finally met with Vartan Asatryan. Watching the fight?

– Yes, I searched. To be honest, he was not the most interesting. He expected more, of course, but the fighters were wary of the whole fight. I can not judge the court decision.

– Bagautinov said that he wants a fight with you.

– He deserves it – he has scored five consecutive wins. I do not know if I will fight him. My main goal now is to join the UFC. We continue to work with Sayat Abdrakhmanov (Manager Zhumagulova) in this direction. Sayat says the negotiations are going well. If they say, then I will debut. On average, his fighters wait for a year to debut in the UFC. Everything goes according to plan. Incidentally, I intend to change to the above category (the lowest weight is 62 kg). Physically comfortable weight class, in the off-season I weigh less than 70 kg, so it will be fine.

– Fight Night Global President Kamil Hajiyev said he wants to organize your fight against Bagautinov. In his opinion, you are still the champion of the company.

– I have a valid contract with the action, which is terminated subject to the transfer to UFC. So now break. We hope to debut in the UFC in August / September of this year. If I do not sign a contract with the UFC within these deadlines, I will defend FN Global's title in October.

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– Bagautinov does not want to fight in Kazakhstan for local referees, but according to Hajiyev, you do not want to play outside the country. It is true?

– I do not care where I have to fight. I've never asked for fighting in Kazakhstan. On the contrary – I can fight more easily abroad than at home. If you participate at home, that's a big responsibility. The athletes know what it is. The promotion itself organizes battles in Kazakhstan for me. The whole country is rooted for me, the stalls are always full. Take the same tournament FN 88, which took place in August last year in our capital.

To be honest, I did not want to participate in this tournament, so they just canceled it. Then the local organizers asked me to speak, they say the tournament was canceled because of me. I had to go out and fight for the belt, and only one and a half months before the fight. I do not know what they say about referees. And what did Tagir Ulanbekov show in a fight with me? Just kept on the net to avoid a fight. He showed nothing, and I proved that I deserved to be a champion. As for Bagautinov … I can go home to Ali, they should ask their judges. I do not care. My conditions are simple – let them pay fees like Vartan Asatryan and Ali. Let her give the money immediately, and I agree. Ready to fight even in the backyard of the house Ali Bagautinova. But they still do not know what they want.

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