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After the devastating defeat in the first semi-final at Camp Nou 0-3, the Mersisiders could turn into a final victory, reports Prosports.kz.

In the Catalan capital, Liverpool was desperately unlucky – the scouts did not deserve a "dry" defeat at Camp Nou. Score 3: 0 and the absence of injured Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, it seems, made the position of "Reds" hopeless. It seems that the players of Barcelona believed in it themselves. And in vain.

The alarm bell for "Blaugrany" heralded the debut of the meeting in Anfield when Divok Origi actually completed the attack on Liverpool, which was triggered by a careless rebate from defender Jordi Alba (1-0).

Origi: At the right time pic.twitter.com/HgKDSmDwDI

– football flames (@ Cristal60497656) May 7, 2019

Did not miss the ball, the players "Barca" decided that it was a ridiculous accident that will not happen again. Before the break, the result had not changed, which reinforced in the minds of the Blue Garnet players the idea that the Champions League final would never come from them.

Obviously, they forgot that once Liverpool had given away three unanswered goals for a Superclub for a time when Milan were penalized in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final for too much confidence. Fourteen years later, the story was repeated in the form of a farce. For Barcelona, ​​of course, for Mersisaydtsev, it seemed to be a performance on schedule.

In 2005, the partners behind him led the legendary Steven Gerrard. Now Jorginho Waynaldum takes over the functions of Stevie Gee and replaces the injured Andrew Robertson in the break. Within two minutes, the Dutchman torpedoed Mark-Andre ter-Stegen's stocks twice and equalized the score by the sum of two games – 3: 3!

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A moment of recognition for this counterpress. Trent – Origi – Henderson. Numerical balance, anticipation, dynamics and direction to limit the space. Top example. #BARLIV #Wijnaldum @slawekmorawski pic.twitter.com/x5cCZJ1Elb

– Mindfootballness VIDEO (@ mfbnproject1) May 7, 2019

Liverpool was already unstoppable, while Barça dreamed of only one thing: overtime and a penalty shoot-out. However, the extension could not be performed by the same origi, who would leave the team of Jürgen Klopp due to lack of practice in the summer. The ingeniously played Belgian striker turned into a goal that became fatal for the Catalans.

Here you will find the best prices for Liverpool before the final #Champions League #LIVBAR pic.twitter.com/ABlsZVkN1C

– AC SPORTS NATION (@acsportsnation) May 7, 2019

4: 0 – and this is without Firmino with Salah and during the game due to injury Robertson retired! Strongest against Barcelona, ​​led by Leo Messi. One of the brightest victories in the history of Liverpool and Klopp's coaching career. But the most important game – the final – is coming up. The second season in Liverpool wins the Champions League final, an impressive result!

The rival of the Reds in the deciding game will be determined next night after the return leg Ajax – Tottenham. In the first game, the Dutch won 1-0 in a guest victory.

Liverpool (England) – Barcelona (Spain) 4: 0 (1: 0)

Objectives: Origie 7 (1: 0), Wayndum 54 (2: 0), Wayndum 56 (3: 0), Origi 79 (4: 0)

First game: 0: 3



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