Will Cherchesov be fired from the Russian national team – the story of the coach’s dismissal from Spartak in 2008: 1: 4 from Dynamo Kiev


On Tuesday, a meeting of the RFU technical committee will take place, which will discuss the performance of the Russian national team at Euro 2020. Among other things, of course, the devastating defeat from the Danes was also affected (1: 4).

This is how the coaches of the Russian national team were fired. When will Cherchesov join the list?
This is how the coaches of the Russian national team were fired. When will Cherchesov join the list?

once Cherchesova already fired after such a result. It happened in 2008, when Stanislav Salamovich was the head of Spartak Moscow. On the occasion they remembered how it was.

Cherchesov started well at Spartak and could even win the Russian championship, but “shot himself in the foot”

Before returning to his native club, Cherchesov practiced in Austria, where he played for six years. He was invited to “Spartak” by the general director of the red and white Sergey Shavlo.

Initially, Cherchesov went to the club as a sports director. He moved to the coaching bench a year later, changing his postfrom Vladimir Fedotov. Among the fans, there was an opinion that Cherchesov “sat down” Fedotov. “Vladimir Grigorievich [Федотов] I didn’t give names, but everyone already knows where the wind is blowing from – from Austria. There Shavlo and Cherchesov met and became friends. Better to ask them why Fedotov was fired. They know everything better than you and me, “said the ex-captain of Spartak in 2012. Egor Titov.

He was a star and general director of
He was a star and general director of “Spartak”, and then disappeared from sight. Where is Sergey Shavlo now

One way or another, Cherchesov started well. In the first year of work, he led the red and white to the silver medals of the Russian championship. They could have taken the title, but at the end of the season they made an annoying misfire. According to the popular version, it was the fault of the head coach.

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Three rounds before the end of the championship, “Spartak” topped the table. The red and whites were expecting a trip to Ramenskoye to “Saturn”, which was then fighting for the European competition. And at this climax of the season, right before the game, Cherchesov removed one of the team leaders – Dmitry Torbinsky.

Scored the main goal of Russia at Euro and left for the USA. How was the fate of Torbinsky
Scored the main goal of Russia at Euro and left for the USA. How was the fate of Torbinsky

Roman Pavlyuchenko

Roman Pavlyuchenko

ex-forward of “Spartak” and the Russian national team

“Dimka [Торбинский] then overslept, was late only 30 seconds. We just sat down, Cherchesov began to move the chips. He came in, apologized for being late. Stanislav Salamovich named the composition, but Torbinsky is not in it. It is clear that I was late, but, damn it, there are two rounds before the end of the season! Dimka played well then, he got this form: he gave, and scored himself, showed himself as a leader ”.

According to Pavlyuchenko, without Torbinsky, “Spartak” simply “broke the whole chain.” In the match against Saturn, he was sorely lacking in red and white. The game ended in a draw (0: 0), and Zenit – the main competitor of Spartak – won their match. The two-point gap remained until the end of the championship, thanks to which the St. Petersburg team won the gold medal of the Premier League for the first time in their history.

In the 2000s,
In the 2000s, “Spartak” was three times close to the championship. What prevented him from conquering?

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“The decision on Torbinsky is a pain of the soul,” admitted the former Spartak press attaché Vladimir Shevchenko. – Yes, bark at him, fine, but take it with you to the main match of the season! The best player on the team at the time! .. This is the stupidest decision I have ever seen in football. So to shoot yourself in the foot – you need to be able to. The terrible thing is that Cherchesov fired a grenade launcher and wounded millions of red-and-white fans with shrapnel. “

A year later, Cherchesov was fired. Under him, “Spartak” suffered two devastating defeats – 1: 5 from CSKA and 1: 4 from Kiev “Dynamo”

Cherchesov’s second season at Spartak was not so successful. In 17 rounds with him, the red and white won only seven victories. In addition, there was a crushing defeat in the derby from CSKA (1: 5), after which Cherchesov sent three leading players to the double – Kalinichenko, Titov and Mozart. According to Stanislav Salamovich, they were responsible “for the result and team spirit.”

Only Mozart returned from the take. “As the head coach responsible for the result, I told Egor and Maxim that I did not see a place for them in the first team. Titov and Kalinichenko want to continue playing, so they will look for new teams. They need new motivation, ”said Cherchesov.

Titov and Kalinichenko left Spartak in August 2008 – just three weeks after the match with the army team. In the same month, Cherchesov left the club.

Titov could have ended his career at Spartak. If I had waited three days before Cherchesov's resignation
Titov could have ended his career at Spartak. If I had waited three days before Cherchesov’s resignation

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Fatal for Cherchesov was the defeat of Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League qualification. In the first match, the red-and-white “burned out” at home 1: 4. After that game, Cherchesov was fired, and he himself was not going to retire. “I was ready to work and was full of energy,” Cherchesov said later.

For a long time, Cherchesov was without coaching. Only in December 2010, 2.5 years after leaving Spartak, he headed Zhemchuzhina-Sochi.

What awaits Cherchesova after 1: 4 from the Danish national team?

According to the honorary president of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskov, Cherchesov is unlikely to be dismissed. “The executive committee will meet to discuss the results of the European Championship, and not to dismiss the coach,” he told Gazeta.ru.

And Cherchesov voluntarily is unlikely to leave his post. From the previous teams, he was either fired, or he left at the end of the contract. Only from “Amkar” Cherchesov left ahead of schedule, but only in order to lead “Dynamo”. He left Legia due to fundamental disagreements with the club’s management.

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