Which team did you support at Euro 2020? Championship poll, national teams rating


Which team did you support at Euro 2020? Share your impressions!

Which team did you support at Euro 2020?

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We will publish the most interesting answers and compose our top teams.

The European Championship – 2020 came to an end yesterday. In the final, Italy snatched a penalty shootout victory. It seemed that many of our fans were waiting for just such an outcome of the tournament and rejoiced when the goalkeeper of the Italians Gianluigi Donnarumma made a decisive save and hit the ball from the left corner of the goal.

Well, no wonder! After all, both we and our readers during the Euro have probably got their own favorite among the national teams. The team that brought the most vivid emotions – and with Pringles they grew even brighter. Perhaps for some, Italy has become this favorite.

Tell us by filling out the form below which team did you support at Euro 2020? Share your feelings and impressions with us, and we will definitely read your stories and publish the most interesting ones. We will also compose the top teams based on your answers.

There is only one rule: please, let’s avoid obscene words and insults. We will not be able to publish such answers.

Thanks for your reply! By the way, despite the fact that the Euro is now definitely over, the chance to win valuable prizes every 90 minutes along with Pringles the fans still have it. To get your smart soccer ball, certifications, sports gear and gear, you need to buy Pringles packaging. Next, register a bank code at football.pringles.com and try your luck.

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