Which of the young players will go to the 2022 World Cup – Maksimenko, Evgeniev, Zakharyan and others


Let’s imagine that Russia has made its way to the final of the 2022 World Cup. And Stanislav Cherchesov abandoned most of the older players and took the strongest and most up-to-date squad to Qatar. In this case, there will surely be a place for young people, who by that time have already passed the tender age and will receive much more experience in the RPL. Who will be expected in the national team in a year and a half?


Alexander Maksimenko

The only obstacle why Sasha still does not compete with Matvey Safonov for the first place is the head coach’s exceptional belief that the goalkeeper should have a large background. Three seasons at the heart of “Spartak” – apparently not a convincing enough argument. In November last year, Cherchesov announced that he does not yet consider the goalkeeper as an option for a call. Now the situation may change, if only because Maksimenko is no longer available for the youth team. It is unlikely that he is weaker than Shunin. And if in front of Shunin, as before Guilherme, the doors of the national team are closed, Maksimenko can perfectly fit into the company of Dupin and Safonov.

The big problem for the Russian national team is the lack of leading players. Everybody used to be led
The big problem for the Russian national team is the lack of leading players. Everybody used to be led


Nair Tiknizyan, Danil Krugovoy, Roman Evgeniev, Pavel Maslov

Tiknizyan and Krugovoy are unlikely to compete for a place in the first team. Most likely, the positions of the full-backs are reserved in Qatar for Mario Fernandez and Vyacheslav Karavaev / Daler Kuzyaev. But there are no obvious options for safety net. Yuri Zhirkov is likely to retire. Fedor Kudryashov in the Cherchesov system often plays in the center. So Tiknizyan and Krugovoy may be in the application. The CSKA defender is especially impressive. Last season he became the main player of the team and even almost moved to Lokomotiv. But it didn’t grow together. Therefore, he will continue to progress at CSKA.

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In Krugovoy, the situation is more complicated – it is almost impossible to win the competition on the flanks of Zenit against Douglas Santos and Karavaev. But the guy is trying. Perhaps the lease will change something.

Roman Evgeniev is progressing steeply under Sandro Schwartz, so last year he logically made his debut in the Russian national team. And in this, due to the coronavirus, Andrei Mostovoy even got into the application for Euro 2020. Probably, this will play a plus for him, and the defender will be called up for the next matches. Andrei Semyonov’s time in the national team is probably over. The status of Fedor Kudryashov is unclear – whether he will be able to drive from Turkey to all games. In this configuration, Evgeniev will compete with Diveev and Dzhikia for a place in the start.

And then there is Spartak player Pavel Maslov. Yes, he often mows, but according to all statistical indicators – the top. It was not for nothing that Tedesco believed in the player to the end, endlessly praised and cited as an example. Cherchesov is probably following Pavel. And maybe soon he will call him to the national team.


Daniil Lesovoy, Arsen Zakharyan, Danil Glebov, Nail Umyarov, Daniil Kulikov

Oblyakov is not on this list, because he has already been called up to the national team more than once, and his absence in the application for Euro 2020 is a matter of a series of circumstances. But there are still a few central midfielders who are about to impose competition on Ozdoev and Zobnin. Glebov, Umyarov and Kulikov have long been almost the main players of the teams fighting for high places in the RPL. And in the main team have not yet been due to too high competition. After all, Ozdoev and Zobnin at the same Euro were ready to replace Fomin and Barinov – they are also still young footballers. However, in a year and a half, a lot can change. And if someone from the above three adds dramatically, they will certainly go to Qatar.

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Lesovoy and Zakharyan are also somewhere near the national team. Daniil even received a call to the team last year, but never made his debut. Many expected that Cherchesov would nevertheless include him in the expanded list, but this did not happen. 18-year-old Zakharyan has not really played enough for the youth team, but if he continues to progress as powerfully, Stanislav Salamovich will no longer be able to ignore it. Although the competition in attack is powerful: even if Cheryshev ends his career in the national team, there are also Golovin, brothers Miranchuk, Zhemaletdinov, Makarov.

Russia at Euro 2020: who was the best and who was the worst?
Russia at Euro 2020: who was the best and who was the worst?


Konstantin Tyukavin, Fedor Chalov

The 19-year-old Dynamo striker burst into the main team of Muscovites last season and was called up to the youth team. Knowing that Cherchesov likes to challenge players who show themselves at a distance, perhaps Tyukavin simply will not have time to prove himself in front of Qatar. But if he continues in the same spirit, he will surely deserve an acquaintance with the head coach.

And Fyodor Chalov is an old pain of army fans. The upcoming season will be decisive – either he will continue to fade in CSKA and finally forget about the national team, or there will be a renaissance.

The problem with young strikers is that, most likely, Dzyuba, Sobolev and Zabolotny will be relevant for Cherchesov in a year and a half. And these guys are hard to move.

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