Werdum: “I would give bream to Conor or throw a bottle of water at him at the conference for UFC 197”


At the press conference for UFC 197, Conor McGregor behaved as always disrespectful, constantly interrupting and insulting Rafael Dos Anjos. Fabricio Werdum (20-5-1 MMA, 8-2 UFC), the UFC heavyweight champion and teammate of Raphael, did not like this behavior. And he claims that he will not tolerate such antics in his address.

“When the guys had questions for Raphael, Conor started talking at the same time, and that’s bad. If I’m there and the guy does this, I’ll grab the water or juice from the table and throw it at it, give you 100%. Or I’ll tell him “Hey,” give him a bream and tell him to calm down, ”said Werdum.

And there is no doubt that the hefty UFC heavyweight champion is quite capable of doing something similar. In addition, Werdum does not think that Rafael Dos Anjos is mentally broken – and as you know, whatever expression on the face of Conor’s opponents, and no matter how the fight ends, the Irishman’s fans shout that “Conor got into his head and broke him mentally.” …

“This is a completely different person, Rafael is a smart guy and in control. He just thinks about the fight. But if a dude touches me at the weigh-in, it’s oh, how bad. I don’t like it. It is very important to show respect. You have your space, I have mine. We’re fighting tomorrow, so why would you touch me? I saw Conor touching Jose Aldo’s head, which is bad because these are fights. And if this guy touches me, most likely there will be a chair in my hand, ”the champion said.

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Werdum himself will have a rematch with Kane Velasquez in a month, in which the Brazilian will try to hold the first defense of his title.

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