“We are many, and our name is horde.” Russians make Miranchuk player of the month at Atalanta


Alexey Miranchuk the best player of the month in Atalanta

“We are many, and our name is horde.” Russians make Miranchuk player of the month at Atalanta

Such activity was not expected in Italy at all.


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Atalanta chooses the best player every month: first, the first stage of voting takes place – fans in Google form choose one worthy player for this title; after the final begins – the two people who received the most votes get there. On Tuesday, the club traditionally launched voting – the form was available within 24 hours, it was possible to choose from 22 players (according to the rules, everyone who entered the field at least once within a month is included in the list).

On February 4, Atalanta announced the results of the first stage – Romero and Alexey Miranchuk… At the same time, the final voting was launched simultaneously in three social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. First, Miranchuk and Romero walked smoothly, and then … then the Russians came. Italian users have already accused Russian users of electoral interference.

On Twitter, Miranchuk now has 83.4% and unprecedented support.

The Italians at first did not understand what was happening: “What the hell is going on with this vote?”

And then they realized: “All these Russians are on a mission.”

“Poor Christie is beaten by Russian bots”

“Our Russian friends can skew the results a bit by voting for a certain player … But seriously, both were good this month, but Romero was a huge defensive pillar, so I vote for him. The management urgently needs to consider signing it “

An explanatory team immediately came to this tweet: “Miranchuk is our only player in Serie A, so for us he is already the best! But yes, both players were good last month. “

On Instagram, Miranchuk was also in the lead a couple of hours later – 52% versus 48% for Romero. And then the VGIK account got involved – the infantry moved forward and provided Lyosha with an even greater lead (now he has 72%)

But the Russian fans, apparently, did not make it to Facebook: 266 votes for Miranchuk against 1.9 thousand for Romero.

“Miranchuk hasn’t come that far yet,” Guinness de Pasamonte writes in the comments. “Romero is the best, possibly the best defender in Italy right now.”

“Romero! Super reliable, wherever he plays, ”- supports his opinion Darryl Poletti.

“Romero without a doubt. Since he arrived, we hardly miss as much as before. So Romero is the best defender, the case is closed, ”writes Scfiso Zvon.

“To vote, Miranchuk needs to be a more integral player, and for this he needs to take to the field more often. Of course, he has talent, but he has yet to find his place. I personally see him as a replacement for Ilicic, and probably sooner or later he will be able to take his place. But today Romero is the one who gives the result! So there is nothing to compare them, ”says Francesco Palazzi.

“He came with a serious injury, and then caught the coronavirus … He played little and, despite four goals, let’s wait a bit, before we judge him in this way,” writes Oscar Salvetti.

Miranchuk should follow the example of Ronaldo. Column Evseev

Debut of a coach in sports journalism.

Voting will last until 20:00 today.

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