«Был спарринг-партнером для звезд». Кто такой Стив Роллс?

"Was a sparring partner for the stars." Who is Steve Rolls?


Kazakh boxer Gennady Golovkin (38-1-1, 34KO) will play his next fight against Canadian Steve Rolls (19-0, 10KO).

The Prosports.kz correspondent will introduce you to GGG's opponent and tell you what the Canadian boxer is.

Steve Rolls is from Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Today he lives in Toronto and trains under the guidance of Tommy Hovat. Rolls – the country's repeated amateur boxing champion and an unbeaten professional boxer. He also recently won his second championship belt at the USBA middleweight and beat American Keandre Liferwood on points. Previously, he already had the regional NABF Junior title for a win over Steed Woodall.
Interestingly, he never had a 12-round fight, the upcoming fight against Gennady Golovkin will be the first full-fledged fight. All of this is surprising given that Steve turned 35 this year. GGG was an average thunderstorm weight and leader by pound for pound at that age. Such is the difference in insignia.

Steve Rolls fought his top rival throughout his career. It is safe to say that fighting a Golovkin is a lifelong duel for a Canadian. Rolls did not have such an opponent and probably will not do it anymore.

And even the fact that the fight is not a title does not stop. The main thing is the star name. Also for Rolls this is an opportunity to earn extra money. Most likely he receives a six-figure fee for the first time in his life.

A year and a half ago, the fight with Golovkin was a dream for Steve Rolls. Nevertheless, he did not give up the hope that one day he would have a megafight. And all thanks to the fact that his promoter is Lou Dibella. At one time he already had a top middleweight boxer – Argentinian Sergio Martinez.

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Steve Rolls has spent 19 fights in pros and won all. He won ten times early. In the Boxrec ranking, however, it is well above the top 50. In such cases, it is difficult to hope for title fights. Even among the average Canadians, he is not among the top three and fifth behind his compatriots Clovis Drolet, Patrice Waves, Stephen Butler and David Lemieux.

By the way, the last of them won Golovkin. And he won very confidently.

Perhaps such a low Rolls rating is due to his switching to professionals at the end of 2011 at the age of 27. Although he has won 19 fights, the degree of opposition has since left much to be desired. Not a single defeated boxer from the top 30. Of the more significant victories you can probably distinguish his victories against the Hungarian Attila Koros, the American Demond Nicholson and the already mentioned Cyandra Leatherrwood.

Despite all this, boxer coach Tommy Hovat is confident that his protégés might surprise the boxing world. In his opinion, Steve Rolls has strong punches and his main weapon is the left hook.

Throughout his career, Steve Rolls has become known as the sparring partner of many famous boxers. Rumor has it that he pats former WBO world champion Briton Billy Joe Saunders in one of these sparring. Now the Canadian believes that his time has come to become the headliner of the evening.

"We have constantly improved our skills. 365 days a year. Sparring is sparring. But I know that I am ready to fight the best. I just need time to declare myself, "Rolls said, long before it became known he was going to fight Golovkin.

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Steve called his main problem a small audience. In the same Lemieux it is much more. According to Lou Dibella, Rolls will not be known until he starts winning boxers with a name. If he did not have such opportunities before, such an opportunity has now appeared. Gaining Golovkin now means making an explanation for the entire boxing world.

An interesting fact from the career of Steve Rolls. To promote his own name, he hired the local veteran of the music industry, Chis "Don Ella" Androutos. He is also the manager of the Panamanian-Canadian singer Phyto Blanco, who was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award.

According to promoter boxer Lou Dibella, his priority was not Golovkin but Jermull Charlo. With him Dibella wanted to organize a fight for his community. But in the end everything has gotten a lot better, after all Golovkin – the name in boxing is much more important than Charlo.

"The fight of my dream is for the world title. Everyone who has this title let us do it. With the arrival of big names comes a lot of money, "said Steve Rolls six months ago.

Well, he had come a step closer to the esteemed goal. Steve Rolls is aware that such a chance is no longer offered to him:
"I'll be honest, that's surreal. About a month ago, I thought about how to fight a loud rival because I always thought I deserved better opponents than me. I just could not keep up with the guys that were offered to me. When I defeat Golovkin, I get the money and fame that can change my life. But to win, you have to win in Superloto.

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Gennady Golovkin is looking forward to returning to the legendary Madison Square Garden:

"I'm going to fight against MSG for the sixth time, it's an incredible feeling to perform in this big arena, I feel totally different, much better when practicing with Jonathan Banks, I'm going to show people a new style, a new show, me will give them a new present and the Big Drama Show will continue as usual. "

Kazakhstan also spoke about its rival: "I understand that Rolls is a strong rival, he is unbeaten, that's serious." Asked if his opponent has a chance to win, GGG responded: "Yes, everyone has a chance. This is a box. Maybe very small, but there is a chance. "

Objectively, Steve Rolls has virtually no chance of winning. Golovkin excels in all his opponents. Also alarming is the fact that a Canadian has so far not completed full-fledged 12-round bouts. We are silent about the weak opposition, in which it is even extremely difficult to identify someone. But the fact remains: Steve Rolls is currently an unbeaten boxer. And this is his first, really big challenge in professional boxing. If he has not been able to present himself to the amateurs of the Olympic Games, boxing fans have the opportunity to at least remember him.

The fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canadian Steve Rolls takes place on the morning of June 9 at the MSG Arena in New York.


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