Vladimir Kamelzon: Reaching the final of Roland Garros is not a miracle


Honored coach of Russia Vladimir Kamelzon commented Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova’s exit to the final of “Roland Garros”

“An outstanding performance of Nastya, because it is a” Grand Slam “. To reach the final is one of the outstanding achievements for any athlete involved in this sport. Therefore, we all congratulate her.

This is not only her victory – this is the victory of her team first of all. She was also helped by her brother, who himself played tennis well, Alexander Pavlyuchenkov. Their tandem worked. This is a Russian school, it has a good foundation. I am glad that where our girls have lagged a little lately, that is, in performances on the Grand Slam, a Russian athlete has finally broken through. This is the pride of the country, the pride of the entire federation, so I congratulate you all on Nastya’s reaching the final.

Reaching the final of Roland Garros is not a miracle, but an achievement of human capabilities. She showed that by her age she had gained all that capital of experience of participation in international competitions. And this capital has just manifested itself in all its might today. Now we will all be waiting for the ending of the final. Everyone will now wait and see who is stronger there. Anyone deserves the first place “, – quotes Kamelzon” Championship “.

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