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“I said I want to punch!” An unexpected twist in England penalty shoot-out history

Grealish's statement on the Euro final penalty kick

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At least one player of their national team is wrongly accused by the British of cowardice.

Euro 2020 ended with a drama. In the final at Wembley between England and Italy, it came to a penalty shootout. Better predictably struck the Italians, and the British frankly screwed up their blows, having realized only two attempts out of five – even heroism did not save Jordan Pickfordwho made two saves.

There was an incredible penalty shootout in the Euro final! Let’s live it one more time

After the match, the fans and experts had questions about the choice of penalty takers by the British coaching staff. If there are no questions to the first two hitters (two Harrys – Kane and Maguire – confidently realized their hits), then the rest ruined everything. 23 year old Marcus Rashford outplayed the goalkeeper, but hit the post. 21 year old Jadon Sancho struck badly – Gianluigi Donnarumma saved. But the main shock is the coach’s decision Gareth Southgate send 19 year old Bukayo Saku to the decisive blow. The young midfielder shot badly and helped the Italian goalkeeper become a hero. As a result, criticism poured on the more experienced England players who were in the squad, but did not take part in the penalty shootout. They did not wait for their attempts Raheem Sterling, Jack Grealish, Luke Shaw, John Stones and Calvin Phillips

For some of the listed players, Jose Mourinho walked: “I don’t understand why Saka was taking the decisive penalty. I’m just really sorry for him. Where was Sterling in this situation, where was the Stones, where was Shaw? Southgate is a very honest guy. He always protects his players. I don’t think he will ever say that the players are not ready to take the penalty. “

The England coach sent a 19-year-old boy to the decisive penalty. Is Southgate a psychologist?

Social networks are also perplexed about the choice of penalty takers. Some suspect that seasoned players are afraid to take responsibility.

“Do you remember how Moutinho tried to dodge the penalty kick but Ronaldo wouldn’t let him? Someone had to do it with Sterling and Grilish. “

“Saka shooting a penalty in front of Grilish, Stones, Shaw and Sterling is wild.”

“Why beat Saka? Grilish and Sterling score from a penalty spot in the Premier League, but for some reason they choose Saku. And why can’t you shoot higher so that the goalkeeper can’t hit? “

“Before you start laughing at Mourinho and calling him a Shaw fan, ask yourself the same question. I expected Shaw and Grealish to go and beat. “

It seems that everything is not so simple.

In the morning, one of the victims could not stand the criticism. Grealish issued a statement and, it seems, cleared all suspicions from himself: “I said I want to break through! The coach made a lot of the right decisions in this tournament, including today. But I won’t let people say that I didn’t want to take the penalty when I actually said I would … “

“He will live with it forever.” The drama of an English footballer in the final of Euro 2020

Grealish got himself out of the way, but now there were even more questions for Southgate. Apparently, the British coach had a choice and he appointed young Saku to the decisive penalty not out of despair. The story will surely continue – Sterling, Shaw and the rest can come out of the shadows. After all, Southgate himself would have been worth the explanation. The choice of the penalty takers will be remembered for a long time.

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