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Of the five leading championships in the Old World, the "golden" intrigue will only survive in two areas – the Premier League and the Bundesliga. Of course you can talk about it in Example, but nobody can catch up with Barcelona either. – about the state of things in the championships of England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France.


For a long time, it was not such an exciting fight in the Premier League. Since the start of the season, Liverpool and Manchester City have played victorious and switched in the first table line. Chelsea and Tottenham Hoema have been trying to make a decent tournament for some time, but after Boxing Day both London clubs dropped out of the gold medal race and there is no point in talking about other candidates.

Now mersisaydtsy is two points ahead of "City", while the "citizens" have a match in reserve. Every point loss can be fatal in the correspondence between the teams of two outstanding coaches – Jürgen Klopp and Josep Guardiola. It is impossible to walk without dropouts all the time, and someone will stumble. We can only guess who it is.

In the remaining rounds, the "Citizens" calendar is more difficult: Already next Saturday, April 20, Man City will host Tottenham, who left the Guardians for the second time in four days without the Champions League semi-final. And next Wednesday, fans will meet for the Mankunian derby, which will be played on United's territory. Everything else before the "sky blue" final of the FA Cup and at least two games in the Champions League. Do you have enough strength to end the season with a courageous march? If this is the case, no attempts by "Liverpool" will help him win the English Premier League for the first time in history.

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The Reds are also expected from the semifinals of the main European Cup and not against anyone, but against Barcelona itself. In the domestic championship, the "Skouzer" seem to have no serious opponents, although it is very naïve with respect to the submarine, so to talk. After all, the same "Cardiff", who is in the relegation zone and will meet with "Liverpool" this Sunday, will stick with his teeth at the opportunity to stay in the British elite. In general, the championship is not guaranteed, even if the Klopp wins all remaining games. Most likely, the fate of the gold will be decided only in the last round scheduled on May 12th.

Position of the teams before the 35th round:

1. Liverpool – 85 (34 matches), 2. Manchester City – 83 (33), 3. Tottenham – 67 (34), 4. Chelsea 66 (34)


Nine points clear of the next pursuer – Atletico – more than a solid handicap for Barcelona. And this despite the fact that the "Indians" have much harder opponents for the remainder of the tournament. In principle, it is already possible to crown the Blaugrana in the league, although she continues to fight on three fronts at the same time – in addition to the examples, these are the Champions League and the Spanish Cup. Most likely, "Barca" will be hosting the championship in front of local spectators at a meeting with "Levante" next weekend.

It is unlikely that the second and third final positions will change their master to the end. However, if Atletico can see their runner-up as undoubtedly a success, the "bronze" of "Real" is an absolute failure. The "royal" club should quickly forget the season, like a bad dream, so that in the next one, it will become a real contender for winning trophies.

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But for the fourth line and the last ticket for the Champions League from Spain, a real "war" is developing. "Sevilla", "Getafe" and "Valencia" have approximately equal chances to join the quartet of the strongest, and on Sunday, April 21, "Getafe" takes "Sevilla".

Position of the teams before the 33rd round:

1. "Barcelona" – 74, 2. "Atletico" – 65, 3. "Real" – 61, 4. "Sevilla" – 52


Even before the start of the season, it was clear that Bayern could not easily run through the distance and they could not get a silver salad bowl long before the end of the championship. On the contrary, this Borussia should have quietly ended the season, but could gain a half-point advantage over Munich, and after the defeat in a full-time fight in the Allianz Arena she missed this in the overall standings.

"Red car", which has entered the fifth gear, will hardly miss its own, although the "bumblebees" will not give up the fight of course and will count to the end that the Bayern will lose points anywhere. And this is a very real development of events given the extreme instability of Niko Kovac's team this season. It is unlikely that Borussia will win all remaining games – it has no champion spirit.

Tournament position before the 30th round:

1. Bayern – 67, 2. Borussia D – 66, 3rd RB Leipzig – 58, 4th match – 52


"Juventus" won the "Scudetto" for the 37th time in history and for the 8th time in a row last weekend. The head coach of "old Signora" Massimiliano Allegri, however, decided to save his strength with Ajax before the second leg and put in a reserve with SPAL for the game. In the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and several other leaders, the Turints suffered a second defeat in Serie A, which did not allow them to rest prematurely on their laurels. A few days later Juventus gave in to the Dutch and ended the Euroseason prematurely.

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In the domestic championship, however, the gap between the current Italian champions and the second "Napoli" is so impressive that Juventus, even if he suddenly loses all remaining games, will not miss the title. It is hard to believe that Neapolitans will complete six rounds without loss. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make the championship legal, and Juve will probably do so on Saturday, their 20th match day of their home game against Fiorentina.

Position of the teams before the 33rd round:

1. Juventus – 84, 2. Napoli – 67, 3. Inter – 60, 4. Milan – 55


PSG could be the first of the five major European players to solve the problem by winning the championship. The Parisians were able to do so last Saturday and then Wednesday, but did not score a point in the games against Lille and Nantes and lost two games with a total score of 3: 8. "Saint-Germain" will be the next attempt before the scheduled Schedule to "get rich" on Sunday, April 21, when they receive one of the main losers of the French season "Monaco" in their home walls. Maybe everything started? In any case, the action championship of the team of Thomas Tuchel goes nowhere.

In the finals of the French championship, there will be no fight for silver – the aforementioned Lille will give it to anyone. A third ticket to the most important European competition will challenge the "Lions", "Saint-Etienne" and "Marseille".

Position of the teams before the 33rd round:

1. PSG – 81, 2. "Lille" – 64, 3. "Lyon" – 56, 4. "Saint-Etienne" – 53.


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