Top 10 worst goalkeeper encounters Kritsyuk’s rival is still lucky


Yesterday, at the 85th minute of the meeting between Belenenses and Porto, there was a terrible collision: Stanislav Kritsyuk went to the ball, Nanu flew into it at high speed and crashed onto the lawn.

For about ten minutes the doctors tried to help the Porto player on the spot, but in the end they put him on a stretcher and took him off the field with flashing lights.

They started scolding and insulting Kritsyuk on social networks, so he decided to appeal to the fans on Instagram: he said that he would pray for him and his family, and explained the episode. “I was going to intercept, and Nanu and I, plus the defender, were moving towards the ball. I shouted that I was playing, if the defender left the ball, I would be the first on the ball and knock him out with my fists. (On replay, you can clearly see that my fists are right behind Bruno’s leg, as well as where my hands are and when from which side there is a collision). And Nanu would crash into me, and the foul would be in our direction (the decision of the referee and VAR not to award a penalty confirms my words). The video shows it.

Once again❗️ (for this I put on a repetition), I did not fly into Nana with my hands or fists, as sometimes it may seem in the photo or from certain angles. Nanu flew into me from the side, and we hit our heads. Accordingly, there was no malicious intent in my actions, just a game moment. And I could have been in Nanu’s place, but I was a little more fortunate. “

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video in “Twitter “Match TV”

At night, Porto’s press service announced that Nanu was diagnosed with a concussion and spinal cord injury, but he was already conscious and oriented in space.

We wish the defender to return to the field as soon as possible, and also remember other clashes between goalkeepers and field players – unfortunately, there are a lot of terrible stories.

Coma and death: doctors fought for Sergey Perkhun’s life for a long time, but they could not save him

Anji – CSKA, August-2001

Budun Budunov and Perkhun collided in the air, as a result of which both were seriously injured. Sergei was hit in the temple, and at first the goalkeeper was conscious, but on the way to the airport his condition worsened – he was urgently taken to the hospital, but already in the ambulance he fell into a coma. 10 days of doctors’ struggle for his life and prayers of relatives and friends did not help – on August 28, the young talent passed away. The doctors concluded that the cause of death was total cerebral edema, which led to a cessation of brain activity and the death of brain cells.

“Sergei played desperately, on the edge.” Goalkeepers of the 2000s – about Perhun

The goalkeepers of the Russian championship of the early 2000s remember their colleague Sergei Perkhun, who tragically died 14 years ago.

On the brink of death: Piotr Cech miraculously survived after a collision with Stephen Hunt

Reading v Chelsea, October 2006

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At the 17th second of the match with Reading, Cech got a knee in the head from midfielder Stephen Hunt. At first, Peter did not get up, but then by some miracle he found strength in himself and on all fours moved out of the field – he looked exhausted and as if in prostration. He was carried on a stretcher to the booth, where an ambulance was supposed to arrive, but it was gone for a long time. Jose Mourinho went mad with rage – the doctors had to wait 27 minutes. Chelsea even blamed Reading and the ambulance service for slowness and weak organization.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Cech was diagnosed with a depressed skull fracture: a couple of millimeters more – and the goalkeeper would not have been saved. In Oxford, neurosurgeons removed fragments of shattered bone and inserted metal plates into the skull, but after the operation there was still a long and painful recovery process.

“The day it happened, I was told that I would not be able to play anymore in the season. Maybe the next one too. I was informed that everything will depend on my recovery. It was a matter of life and death, so football faded into the background, “Cech recalled about that terrible blow.

The Europa League final is the last match for Petr Cech. He had a great career

The legend is gone.

Kidney rupture: Dejan Radic lost an organ after collision with Zaur Sadaev

“Rostov” – “Terek”, April-2011

Sadayev flew into Rostov’s goalkeeper at full speed: during the examination in the hospital, it turned out that Radich needed an urgent operation – he needed to remove a kidney.

“My life was hanging by a thread,” he recalled in an interview with “Championship”. – I remember well the moment when the nurse drove me to the operating room. “Acts, do you know prayer”? She asked me. “Yes,” I replied. “Pray then.” And I was lying and did not know if I would stay alive. And I heard the words: “It’s okay, you already have three children, you can slowly leave for another world.”

Radic: the nurse said “Pray”!

Former Rostov goalkeeper Dejan Radic spoke about his new life and why people like Yuri Belous should not work in football.

The operation was successful, but Radic never returned to football. By the way, Terek allocated the money for his treatment – Rostov did not want to pay for the rehabilitation.

Crosses: after a collision with Welliton, Akinfeev tore, because of which a scandal erupted

Spartak – CSKA, August-2011

Igor Akinfeev ran outside the penalty area and was about to knock the ball out with his head, but Welliton was not going to retreat – and jumped too. In the air, they collided, after which the CSKA goalkeeper collapsed with all his weight on his left leg – the result of an unsuccessful landing was a rupture of the cruciate ligaments and meniscus. Akinfeev swore at Welliton from a stretcher, Leonid Slutsky called his behavior an outrage, Roman Babaev called the Spartak striker a scum, and the fans poured angry comments and curses.

Many years later, Akinfeev recalled that episode and his screams at that moment: “I was talking in a temper then. If you take it and rewind it, I look at myself and think, “What a fool.” I understood perfectly well that this was already a break. I understood that again six months, if not more, and again a hospital bed. It was just emotion. I didn’t want to offend anyone. There is no more resentment or anger at Welliton. “

Akinfeev – Welliton: the story of one dislike

Igor Akinfeev and Welliton have had clashes on the field before, but they have never led to such disastrous consequences as this Sunday …

Triple fracture: Dikan, due to his injuries, did not go to Euro-12, and then was no longer called up to the Ukrainian national team

Spartak – Zenit, March 2012

Aleksandr Kerzhakov knocked over Spartak goalkeeper Andrey Dikan with his knee, after which the goalkeeper played for some time – the Zenit striker even managed to score the second goal. Up to this point, the Ukrainian was sure that the match needed to be played, but the feeling that his face was swelling and his eye was closing, still forced him to ask for a replacement.

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

“A goalkeeper with two eyes is in any case better than one,” I thought, – Dikan told – I went to the locker room, I felt fine.

I came home – I started to shiver. I measured the temperature – 37.2 or 37.3. I called the doctor: Mikhail Gurgenovich, such things. “He reacted at the moment:” Call an ambulance, we are going to the hospital. “They did an MRI:” Everything is in order with the head, but there are problems with the bones of the face, you need to assemble it in parts. ”

Dikan was diagnosed with multiple fractures of the facial skeleton and a closed head injury. He was operated on, but he did not have time to recover by the Euro. And after he was never called up to the Ukrainian national team. “It was, of course, insulting,” he recalled his feelings. “But I am of the opinion that whatever is done is for the better.”

Bonebreaker: Tevez broke the young goalkeeper’s jaw

Boca Juniors – Newells Old Boys, February 2016

Carlos Tevez returned to Boca from Juventus that season with the main goal of taking the Argentine league. The striker tried very hard – scored, gave assists. Once, however, he overdid it: he flew into the penalty area, where he collided with the opponent’s goalkeeper. The blow was so strong that a 20-year-old boy suffered a double fracture of the lower jaw. He will hardly forget this meeting with the legend of Argentine football: it cost him the operation and a long recovery.

By the way, he nevertheless took the championship – in the 2015 season.

Photo: Amilcar Orfali / LatinContent via Getty Images

Boot in the head: Mane charged Ederson, but there were no severe injuries

MC – Liverpool, September-2017

Towards the end of the first half, Mane jumped to Ederson’s goal, lifted his leg to receive the ball, but instead took the face of Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson. The collision turned out to be terrible – the Senegalese was very frightened and worried.

The goalkeeper was assisted on the field for about ten minutes, and then loaded onto a stretcher, put on an oxygen mask and carried away from the field.

Guardiola joked after: “He didn’t break anything, that’s important. Maybe even after that it will become more beautiful! ”

Ederson escaped both concussion and serious injury. Pretty soon I went to Twitter and reassured the fans: “Hello everyone, I’m fine, I got off with a fright. It was an important victory. We are strong. Thank you all for your messages. ”

Manet then apologized to Ederson in a post on Instagram, where he also indicated that he would pray for him: “I believe and wish Ederson a speedy recovery. I am very sorry that I hurt him in our accidental collision on the field, I also apologize to him that he could not continue the match because of this. I pray that he will recover as soon as possible and return to the field as soon as possible, because he is a high-class player. ”

Ederson was stitched, but this did not prevent him from entering the field next match.

Concussion: Andrey Lunev collided with the striker of the Spanish national team, after which Denis Glushakov had to get into the goal

Russia – Spain, friendly match, November 2017

Rodrigo went one on one with Lunev, the goalkeeper fell and as a result of the collision got a knee on the head. With a bloody head, he was taken away from the field, and Denis Glushakov took his place at the goal – by that time the Russian national team had no more replacements.

Photo: Alexander Mysyakin, “Championship”

Lunev suffered a concussion and missed two weeks.

Broken jaw: Luch midfielder Dmitry Kalugin received a terrible injury, and then traveled to hospitals for a long time in search of help

Luch-Energia – Fakel, August-2019

Kalugin tried to catch up with the ball, but did not have time and crashed into the Fakel goalkeeper. From the outside, everything did not look so scary: the player was put on a stretcher and carried away. But the post-match photo was terrifying – Kalugin was simply unrecognizable.


It was reported that the player traveled to hospitals for a long time because they did not know how to help him. As a result, he was operated on in the Vladivostok clinical hospital in the department of maxillofacial surgery. He returned to the field only in January.

The imprint of the boot on the face: the goalkeeper of the Brazilian club is terribly loaded with spikes in the cheek

“Bahia” – “Vasco da Gama”, February 2020

Bayi goalkeeper Douglas Friedrich was about to intercept the ball, but defender Leandro Castan also reached out to him at the same moment, which caused him to hit the goalkeeper with a straight leg. Doctors suspected that after such a collision there might be fractures on the face, but Douglas escaped with abrasions and a deep cut.

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