The national team is back. The main thing about Dziuba, injuries and the readiness of our team right now


For five days, the Russian national team was preparing for Malta (March 24), Slovenia (27) and Slovakia (30) at the Slava Metreveli stadium in Sochi.

Under the windows of the hotel “Parus”, under the screams of children exercising in the neighboring meadow and next to the “health path”, which in two minutes raises a hill overlooking the Black Sea.

Where the coaching staff of this team was born ten years ago: Cherchesov, Romaschenko, Stauche and Panikov; passed through Terek, Amkar and Legia, the quarterfinals of the World Championship, and have been working together ever since.

Five days – one hour of training in the stadium, a theoretical lesson in front of Malta (the players said their content is a secret), a gym under We will Rock you and recovery in the pool.

What else?

Who is on the national team?

Zobnin stayed in Moscow: it is illogical to fly to Sochi to confirm the injury with the team’s doctors.


• Of the summoned players, only Ozdoev: due to muscle injury, worked individually and only in the gym, put on boots on the last day and ran with the others. But in the end he will not fly to Malta and will work with a physiotherapist in Sochi for two days.

Golovin, Miranchuk, Zhirov and Kudryashov will arrive in Malta from Europe. From Russia also directly – Lunev.

• All players tested negative for coronavirus in Malta.

Everyone is healthy and how did you train?

• Players came to Sochi gradually and immediately after the RPL tour. For example, the players of Spartak (Sobolev, Jikia and Kutepov) after a 5: 1 victory over Ural, we arrived in Sochi at five in the morning, and at 11:30 we were already starting to train.

I asked the team doctor Eduard Bezuglov – is it not harmful and how is it better for them to recover.

It turns out:

1. There is currently no strictly scientific evidence on the impact of short-term flights on the fitness of football players.

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2. Long-term flights – yes, they do, but they rarely happen for the national team.

3. Since the times Capello the team flies in compression hosiery (stockings) so that blood circulation is not disturbed.

• Bezuglov also said that up to 60-70% of footballers of leading Russian clubs have had coronavirus, in some clubs more – up to 80%.

• Football players trained with GPS sensors, which were introduced in 2014 by a fitness coach Paulino Granero… Thanks to them, trainers can see the pulse, temperature, degree of dehydration, as well as running indicators: even the power of acceleration.

Eduard Bezuglov

Eduard Bezuglov


Is Sochi a thrill?

• Cherchesov said that the national team could have played against Malta in Sochi, they even found a hotel for the visiting national team, but the Maltese government, despite the lockdown, allowed the match to be held at home.

• Why Sochi? Cherchesov explained that in Russia this year there is a snowy and harsh winter, and Sochi is a good field and football weather. Sometimes it rains, sometimes the sun, but fresh and always around ten degrees.

• The national team players said that they love Sochi for its beauty and warm weather (Neustädter), behind the Fisht stadium (Mostovoy), but they never came directed.

Kuzyaev said that he had not yet rested in Sochi: “Unfortunately or fortunately.” Neustädter recalled that he was born in Kyrgyzstan, grew up in Germany from the age of four and came to Sochi only for football business. He will not go separately with his family, because it is more interesting to discover new places.

Ilzat Akhmetov

Ilzat Akhmetov


Are Kuzyaev and Akhmetov friends now?

Akhmetov I went to the national team with a red card for Kuzyaev’s log house in the match against Zenit, but from the very first day in Sochi, the players smiled and reminded that club affairs did not work for the national team.

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Akhmetov agrees that the violation looked “scary” from the outside: “Of course, I’m not happy that it happened, I played dangerous, but I spoke with Daler, and he said he didn’t even feel it.” Kuzyaev repeated that everything was fine, everyone talked, and showed a spot on his leg from Akhmetov’s thorns.


Artem Dzyuba

Artem Dzyuba


Dziuba and Penalty Shootout

Artyom received the captain’s armband before the application. From other news:

Dzyuba did not score a penalty against Rubin and CSKA, after which Cherchesov read that Dziuba wanted to take an “academic break”. “The case when a football player feels himself, we do not insist, – said Cherchesov. – Who is the next penalty taker? We will decide. The main thing is to have a penalty ”.

• Penalties were recalled in training: “[Меня и Дзюбу] teased a little, – said the goalkeeper of “Rubin” and the national team Dupine… – Yesterday Artyom beat me again, this time he took revenge and scored.

“I announced – Dziuba scored. It means that everything is correct. ” Cherchesov – about the composition of the national team

The head coach explained why he did not invite Smolov.

Enthusiastic footballers have appeared in the national team – for the first time in the team, they talk about the muscles of Roberto Carlos and buckwheat with meat

• Dupin first got into the national team at 33 years old and in the first trainings he was remembered for breaking a dummy with the ball and shouting loudly at the exits: “Aaa” and “Yaya.” And also a clean and frank monologue that the national team is a dream.

“Childhood dream. And as a child, I liked van der Sar and Oliver Kahn: we didn’t have much TV, and I learned more about football players in magazines. But I was more equal to the field, the whole room was hung with posters. I looked at the muscles of Roberto Carlos and thought: “I wish I had the same.” And how he thrashed the ball! And his legendary goal against France with a sweeping blow! “

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Dupin is so open that he talked, for example, about alcohol.

“For a long time in an interview I said that at the age of 14 I tried alcohol for the first time. BUT [ВГИК] twisted it like I was drinking. You just need to trust such publics less. There is an interview, but inside it there are no such words. “

• Kutepov simply smiled after being asked about him as a forward: “I’m ready to play in any position.”

• Cherchesov says goodbye and wishes you bon appetit in German (Neustädter told).

• 19-year-old midfielder Mukhina the injured Zobnin was summoned to the place. New Onopko – as Chorluka called him – he said that from a sudden call to the national team “ofigel”. Moreover, he never played for youth and youth teams, but immediately got into the first.

Another newcomer to the national team! Who is Maxim Mukhin from Lokomotiv

He was called instead of the injured Zobnin. And it’s not just that – he deserved it with his game!

His monologue is also delighted and with culinary details:

“I was at home and was preparing food when the team doctor called me [Эдуард Безуглов]who also works in our club. He handed the phone over to Stanislav Salamovich, who asked if I had something to do. I said that I wanted to go home, to which they answered me: “Cancel everything, come to us, we are waiting for you.” The food, by the way, did not burn out during Cherchesov’s call: the girl and I finished the buckwheat with meat and finished quietly. “


As you understand, the national team is back!

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