The man who overestimated himself


The man who overestimated himself

Kiknadze at Lokomotiv is the case when self-confidence only gets in the way.


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Lokomotiv leaves Vasily Kiknadze. It’s time to articulate why his era turned out to be so scandalous. There seems to be an explanation for this.

Will Semin return to Lokomotiv? His enemy leaves the club

The club has a big restructuring and a power struggle. Two camps are fighting for influence.

Kiknadze overestimated himself. It was felt in the way he dealt with transfers. His words about 85 million for Alexei Miranchuk seemed ridiculous to about the same extent as Fursenko’s confidence in Russia’s victory at the 2018 World Cup. We now know that the case ended in $ 14.5 million. And still not the whole amount went to Lokomotiv. Another situation is Hvichi’s departure. Kiknadze shouldn’t have thought that the situation was under control. Only an extremely self-confident person could delay the re-signing. Or cocky.

Kiknadze overestimated himself. We understood this even from the court cases with Herkus and Tarasov. “Lokomotiv” clearly shouldn’t have brought matters to such a level. In both cases, the judges did not side with Lokomotiv. Although Kiknadze believed that if the Herkus case went to court, then the predecessor would have no chance. It turned out differently.

Kiknadze overestimated himself. This was evident from the interaction with the media. It seems he got it from everyone. I don’t know a single sports journalist who would sympathize with Kiknadze today (although there probably are). For some reason, a man with a solid media background turned the media against himself. Surely it seems to him that all the criticism comes from paid journalists. I believe that Olga Yurievna still lives in the same paradigm.

Kiknadze overestimated himself… Here and his detective skills, since we remembered about relations with the press. He claims to have figured out how the information about Nikolic’s arrival was leaked (we wrote about him first), but the general’s sagacity did not work – in fact, the source only laughed at Kiknadze’s statement. We only hope that the innocent were not punished.

Kiknadze overestimated himself. And most of all it is felt in the relationship with the fans. “And this is a separate question, who needs whom. They don’t need me or they don’t need them, ”Kiknadze said about Lokomotiv fans who leave the stands in the 20th minute. A dubious statement for a person in his position. As well as the statement at the fan meeting: “From no point of view you can influence the club! Not with the financial contribution you make to our activities, nor with the support you provide in the stands. “

Obviously, fans have the right to criticize the club’s bosses. Obviously, thanks to the fans, the club gets funds. If Lokomotiv had fans, like the handball or rugby club of the same name, the team would never have had such sponsors. And in general this “Who needs who …”, “You cannot influence the club …” looks strong against the background of the first paragraph of the May Day statement.

The expected outcome of Loko’s meeting with the fans: Kiknadze boiled, the players too

Poems, middle finger and questions about Palych.

It seems that Kiknadze overestimated his importance for the club. Including when he did not renew his contract with Semin, against the wishes of the fans. It is symbolic that Kiknadze came to Lokomotiv and almost immediately announced an audit to reassess the club’s condition. And it came to the fact that the gendir overestimated himself.

I spoke with Kiknadze several times, I often saw him at events and I am sure that he sincerely believed in his work. He believed that he was trying to make the club better. As he rightly noted, we will all be judged by the game, the field and the ball.

Well, finally, I would like to thank Kiknadze. Because our photographer Dima Golubovich made some gorgeous shots thanks to Vasily Alexandrovich. Thanks for that!

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

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