“The face is simpler” and the showdown with Tedesco. What did Goncharenko remember at CSKA


Victor Goncharenko left the post of head coach of CSKA – he led the team for four years. During this time, a lot has happened – we remember the brightest.

Giner and Galitsky will turn our football upside down? There have not been such loud transitions of coaches for a long time

Olic is close to moving to CSKA, and Goncharenko may go to Krasnodar.

Two silver and two fourth places

Goncharenko came in the middle of the 2016/2017 season, and until the end of the championship the team under his leadership lost only one match – against Spartak – and took second place. CSKA finished the next season again in second place, just two points short of the first. On this, the medals under Goncharenko ended: in the summer of 2018, the team was refreshed and rejuvenated, and as a result – the first place in ten years. And then another one.

Exit in 1/4 LE

In the 2017/2018 season, CSKA took third place in the Champions League group and entered the Eurospring. In the 1/16 finals Goncharenko’s team passed Crvena Zvezda, and in the 1/8 they nervously and loudly beat Lyon, beating the French club on their field 3: 2. Unfortunately, it was not possible to break through to 1/4: CSKA fought against Arsenal, but the London club turned out to be stronger.

Super Cup

In 2018, CSKA got the right to fight for the Super Cup because of Tosno, which then took the Russian Cup, but then ceased to exist. As a result, in Nizhny Novgorod, Goncharenko beat Semin and won the first and only trophy with CSKA.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Two wins over Real Madrid

It is difficult to call the 2018/2019 season a successful league campaign, but memorable one is definitely possible: the fans will definitely not forget the victories over Real Madrid at home 1: 0 and at the Santiago Bernabeu 3: 0. Just like the fact that two victories over the strongest club in the world were not enough to reach at least the Europa League: a draw with Victoria at a party, two defeats to Roma and a loss to the Czechs at home prevented.

1: 5 with Ludogorets

Eurocups 2019/2020 turned out to be a failure, and CSKA did not get it right from the first round of the Europa League: CSKA got 1: 5 with Ludogorets away. As a result – one victory in six matches and the last place in the group with not the loudest rivals.

Golovin’s progress

Alexander Golovin was pulled up to the base by Leonid Slutsky, but the midfielder was revealed already under Goncharenko – Sasha spent his best season at CSKA with him.

“Two years ago, Leonid Slutsky was very criticized for inviting Golovin to the European Championship, but I saw live training of many teams – Villarreal, Borussia – I have something to compare with,” Goncharenko said in an interview with Championship in May 2018. – Physically, tactically and mentally, Golovin is fully consistent with the top level. “

End of Akinfeev’s series

Goncharenko changed the scheme – CSKA started playing three central defenders, which affected the reliability of the defense. This helped the team finally end Igor Akinfeev’s streak in the Champions League. It happened in the match against Benfica in the 2017/2018 season.

The escape

In May 2020, Goncharenko extended his contract with the club for a year, and a month later fled: after the defeat from Zenit with a score of 0: 4, he wrote a letter of resignation, said goodbye to the team and left for Belarus. By that time, he had already asked several times to let him go, but the club’s management persuaded him to stay every time. As a result, a couple of days later, Goncharenko cooled down, returned to Moscow and after long negotiations decided to withdraw his statement.

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And then he beat Spartak.

Goncharenko wrote a letter of resignation, and then changed his mind. What’s going on at CSKA?

A Belarusian specialist will train the army team for Spartak.

Tirade live

Then Musa got it, who did not shake his hand after the replacement. Then the Belarusian specialist, in his usual manner, promised to leave the Nigerian on the bench for the rest of his life. At the press conference, Goncharenko cooled down: “This is something internal, family. We have a healthy team, such skirmishes can also occur. They said something out of emotion ”.

Photo: Denis Tyrin, PFC CSKA

“The face is simpler”

During the match against Sochi in the 16th round of the 2019/2020 season, Goncharenko had a little quarrel with the referees.

– Hey, comrade judge, hey! When they talk to you, make your face a little easier, okay?

“Yes, good,” one of the referees replied.

And then there was Goncharenko’s obscene passage about our judges, their professionalism, as well as their small number in the European arena. Later, Goncharenko said that his behavior was wrong, but fans still released a merch with his photo and the phrase “simpler face”.

A handshake that was not there

After the quarterfinal match with Spartak, Domenico Tedesco rushed to shake hands with Goncharenko, to which he showed with a gesture that he was not going to do this. But the German went to the end and tried to hug his colleague from the summer, to which the head coach of CSKA reacted by twitching and quickly leaving for the booth.

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At the press conference, Goncharenko philosophically approached the explanation of this moment: “What is on the coach’s bench will remain there. We want the coaches to sit in the stands. Football is an emotional sport and we get fined [в правила] changes are being made. I liked the box too, but the nerve of the game is not felt there. It is wrong for the coaches to sit there. “

Goncharenko’s plan did not work again. The coach’s logic became a problem for CSKA

A pair of Akhmetov – Obljakov failed, Rondon failed, and Edzhuke was too detached from the team’s actions.

The youth

Since the summer of 2018, when the average age of the team dropped dramatically, Goncharenko often talked about youth. For example:

September 20, 2019: “Young guys need to go through such matches.”

October 24, 2019: “We need to improve the young team with training. The team achieves results only when it is experienced. It may sound like an excuse, but experience is sometimes gained through such failures. “

May 20, 2020: “CSKA has a promising young team, high competition in the league.”

October 28, 2020: “CSKA has a young team, many have serious reserves for growth.”

November 25, 2020: “We have a young team, we know how to play intensively.”

Of course, without the Berezutskys, Ignashevich and Vernbloom, Goncharenko managed to assemble a completely combat-ready young team, which no-no, and showed the class. But lately, talk about young people has already looked like an excuse that his ideas do not work here and now.

Time to leave beautifully (s).

Photo: Denis Tyrin, PFC CSKA


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