The ex-goalkeeper of the national team is very good in Greece! But in Russia they put an end to Lodygin


The ex-goalkeeper of the national team is very good in Greece!

The ex-goalkeeper of the national team is very good in Greece! But in Russia they put an end to Lodygin

Five “crackers” in a row and the best reflected percentage in the league.


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We haven’t seen in action for a long time Yuri Lodygin… After parting with Zenit in January 2019, the former goalkeeper of the Russian national team, without much success, tried to find a team in Europe in which he would become a solid first number. At Olympiacos, where Lodygin left on loan, he played only three matches in six months. In Gaziantep – five matches in the same period, although the Russian Greek signed a two-year contract with the Turkish club. In February 2020, Yuri tried to restart his career in the RPL, moving to Arsenal, but he did not take root in Tula either.

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Lodygin got only two chances at Arsenal: he started at the base in meetings with Rostov (1: 2) and Akhmat (1: 3). After that, as the head coach of the “gunsmiths” Igor Cherevchenko changed Sergey Podpaly, and the former goalkeeper of the Russian national team sat down on the bench. That season in Tula, goalkeepers were changed unjustifiably often: they played then Mikhail Levashovthen Egor Shamovthen Arthur Nigmatullin, then Lodygin.

“When Podpaly was appointed, I approached and asked why I wasn’t playing. They explained this to me by the fact that Podpaly worked with Shamov in some FNL club, and that he knows him better, therefore he trusts. I wanted to come up and ask: “That is, he knows Shamov, but he doesn’t know me ?!” But I didn’t want to create problems for the club, which was already in a difficult situation. I worked honestly, but there was no logic in Podpaly’s solutions. If his decisions were really correct, I would take my hat off and say I was wrong. I talked to the coach of the goalkeepers, but did not get any intelligible explanations … I think that I played well against Rostov and Akhmat. Yes, the result was not the same, but I should not have been put on the bench after these matches, “Lodygin recalled his Tula period (in an interview for Sport24).

Arsenal did not renew the contract with Yuri. From August 2020 to January 2021, the 30-year-old goalkeeper was left without a club at all, throwing half a season out of his career. It seemed that Lodygin would not return to a high level. At the same time, as Yuri himself claimed, he was waiting for offers from the top 5 leagues, negotiated with Celta and was very close to moving to Huesca and Cadiz, but all options fell through. The Russian Greek could only train with the semi-amateur team from Xanthi and keep fit on his own. Lodygin refused an invitation from Torpedo because he had no desire to play in the FNL.

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As a result, at the end of January, shortly before the closing of the winter transfer window, Lodygin signed a contract until the summer of 2021 with the PAS club from Ioannina, the middle peasant of the Greek league, who played in the second division last season. Before the appearance of the ex-goalkeeper of the Russian national team, the main goalkeeper of PAS was Lefteris Hutesiotiswho conceded 21 goals in 18 games and saved 72% of shots on goal.

Yuri currently has only four goals conceded (one – from a penalty spot) in nine matches, six “crackers” and 83% of reflected shots. According to the statistics of parried goals, he is generally the best in the Greek championship. For comparison, in the RPL, according to InStat, the first place is divided Igor Akinfeev, Matvey Safonov and Alexander Maksimenko, in which 78% of hits are repulsed. Moreover, Lodygin managed to play with almost all the leaders of Greek football – AEK, PAOK, Panathinaikos. Our legionnaire plays zero for five rounds in a row! By the way, even the accuracy of kicks from the PAS goalkeeper has increased: from 66% to 75%.

The Greek championship should not be underestimated. Even if in the FIFA rating it does not occupy the highest 20th place, in the past two years Greek clubs have been gaining more points in European competitions than Russian ones. You probably have not forgotten how in the Champions League qualification Spartak took off from PAOK, and Krasnodar from Olympiacos.

In addition, in the quarter-finals of the Greek Cup, PAS sensationally outplayed Panathinaikos on aggregate. Even though in these games Lodygin did not manage to defend to zero, his team won both meetings with a score of 2: 1. On goal Yuri struck a total of 22 shots, including 10 on target. Now in the semifinals of the PAS will face a confrontation with Olympiacos. Our legionnaire will again have someone and what to prove.

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Lodygin does not hide: he dreams of returning to the Russian national team. Especially Stanislav Cherchesov was the first person from Russian football who noticed the native of Vladimir in Greece: it happened in 2010, when the goalkeeper played for Xanthi and did not even dream of Zenit. Yuri considers himself one of the three best Russian goalkeepers along with Igor Akinfeev and Anton Shunin… You can treat Lodygin’s words with a smile, but right now, Yuri, judging by his game in Greece, is not weaker than anyone. Perhaps Cherchesov will really remember his old acquaintance.

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