The composition of the Russian national football team for the European Football Championship – 2021 (Euro 2020): little-known facts about the players


Now we know all the players of the Russian national team at Euro 2020. Cherchesov unhooked four – Lunev, Samoshnikov, Zakharyan, Evgeniev, and our team’s application took on its final form.

You probably know these names, but certainly not all non-obvious stories about every football player. Our short guide is for those who want to get to know the national team better.

Anton Shunin

A lover of quests in space – that is, when the participants, solving various problems, must get out of the room. In 2015, the goalkeeper of the national team, together with his brother, opened a quest in the style of “Casino”, where the participants had to rob a casino and take out as much money as possible.

Yuri Dupin

As a child, he loved Roberto Carlos: he admired his muscles and dreamed of the same in order to hit the ball harder. The inspiration for Dupin was when Carlos scored with a dodge free kick from forty yards.

Matvey Safonov

The young goalkeeper was seen at the school relay race and was invited to the Krasnodar academy.

Fedor Kudryashov

The Kudryashov family did not have money for bread – my mother baked it herself.

Mario Fernandez

Playing for Gremio, he received his first call to the Brazilian national team, but was late for the plane. Because on the night from Sunday to Monday, I traditionally rested in the Be Happy club near the center of Porto Alegre.

Igor Diveev

Diveeva’s grandfather was a star of Bashkir volleyball, dad played for Ural volleyball. Igor chose football, because in volleyball there is no one to talk to and he has to play only in his own half of the court. When I watched TV with my dad, we constantly switched from football to volleyball and back.

George Jikia

Sobolev called Dzhikia the most voracious in Spartak: if he comes to McDonald’s, he will take five or six Big Tasties, three Big Macs and something else.

Andrey Semyonov

I went to the Confederations Cup matches in Moscow like a fan. I saw how, after the Russia – Portugal match in 2017, Andrei walked with the company along the Volokolamskoe highway and tried to call a taxi.

But at Euro 2020 he goes to the main defender.

Vyacheslav Karavaev

Vyacheslav respects rap for its meaning and from the age of 14 he has been listening to the Omsk group GROT.

To the question of “Championship”, under which song is better to watch Karavaev’s goals, the footballer replied that under the song “Bullet”.

Dmitry Barinov

During the season, almost every week he travels to Sergiev Posad – to the temple and the font. In bad weather, you have to go there through the field.


Maxim Mukhin

I found out about the debut call to the Cherchesov team by phone when I was preparing buckwheat with meat.

Daniil Fomin

She gets upset that theater tickets are being sold out too quickly. Wants to see performances with Mashkov or Bezrukov.

“I would go to Mashkov and Bezrukov.” Fomin did not stay at Spartak, and he is the leader at Dynamo

Daler Kuzyaev

I started Instagram on March 14, 2021.

Roman Zobnin

In the Roman family, everyone is called with the letter “R”: Ramina’s wife, children – Robert and Regina.

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Denis Cheryshev

Favorite Spanish curse word – Joder!

Magomed Ozdoev

Comes in the comments of the “Championship”. Especially active – after the interview of Resiuan Mirzov and the victory of Khabib over Conor. “Good night, kids,” wrote Magomed under the photo with the Irishman lying in the octagon.

Andrey Mostovoy

Mostovoy’s patronymic is Andreevich, but they still ask about kinship with Alexander Mostov. Andrey wonders: why ask when you can watch it on the Internet?

Denis Makarov

While playing for an amateur team in Yakutsk, he ate a little infusion almost every day – there was no money for anything else.

Rifat Zhemaletdinov

She loves fishing, goes there with the Miranchuks and Djikia. After a successful catch, he smears the wounded fish with special green leaves and releases them.

“Tuse would prefer fishing.” Why does a player of the Russian national team grease fish with brilliant green

Alexander Golovin

Playing for CSKA and living near the stadium, Alexander talked with local boys and advised them to eat more strawberries. What for? The player did not elaborate. But the guys themselves saw that Golovin often buys strawberries.

Alexey Ionov

Born in unexpectedly the most football city of the Leningrad region – Kingisepp. From childhood I knew the Kerzhakov brothers. From the same place – Pavel Mogilevets.

Alexey Miranchuk

Alexey is a Barcelona fan and does not hide that he dreams of playing at Camp Nou. However, six years ago, a young newcomer to the Loko base said that in Russia he is equal to Eremenko (plays very coolly) and Roman Shirokov (calm like a boa constrictor and does not worry about anything).

Alexander Sobolev

As a child, in his native Barnaul, he played at minus 30. How did he not freeze? He put bags on his feet, two pairs of pants, three jackets and two gloves.

Anton Zabolotny

Playing for Voronezh “Fakel”, he argued with a friend on Ibrahimovic’s shirt that he would score ten goals in nine rounds before the end of the season. The player still keeps the PSG shirt from Paris.

Artyom Dzyuba

The recent goal against Malta was dedicated to my mother – she asked her son to score in honor of his birthday.

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