“The actions of CSKA employees are illegal.” They hid Olic so much that they tied the journalist


CSKA starts a new life: a new coach met the team Ivica Olic, Viktor Goncharenko shook hands with everyone, goodbye posts were posted on the players’ social networks. Akinfeev remembered the victory over Real Madrid, the clean-up game in the Champions League and the Super Cup with the pioneer squad.

Goncharenko hugged the legionnaires and explained something to Pomazun.

Photo from the series “I passed the post, I accepted the post”

Viktor Goncharenko and Ivica Olic

Viktor Goncharenko and Ivica Olic

The 2005 UEFA Cup Heroes are back together.

Ivica Olic and Igor Akinfeev

Ivica Olic and Igor Akinfeev

Such a normal goodbye: in an army style, it is cozy and without unnecessary reasons for conversations in the spirit of “CSKA and Goncharenko are tired and quarreled.”

However, it is important to discuss Olic’s first day at CSKA in the context of his arrival at the Oktyabr stadium, where the team trained today.

Watch two videos with a short story. First, the journalists of the Rossiya Segodnya agency – correspondent Mikhail Goncharov and photographer Aleksey Kudenko – tried to film Olic’s arrival, but the work did not go according to plan.

1. Goncharov asks Olic a question: “Ivica, how long has the contract been signed?” Ivan Ulanov, head of CSKA Fan Relations, immediately runs up and covers his camera with his hand.

2.On the other hand, because of a car parked nearby, photographer Kudenko tried to take pictures of Olic, but the man in black – according to Goncharov, a stadium security officer – twists the journalist with both hands, so he could not take a single photo.

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The rights to the video belong to SPORT-EXPRESS JSC. You can watch the video on the Sport-Express telegram channel.

What caused the conflict?

Before you – the words of Goncharov in chronological order. Only him, because Ulanov (a CSKA employee covering the phone with his hand) refused to comment on the situation for the Championship, and the club’s press service did not respond to our request.

1. “We arrived at the stadium 15-20 minutes before Olic, around 12:45”.

2. “We did not touch anyone with a colleague, the photographer, there were no people from the security service of the club or the stadium, Ulanov did not come up either. There were only some employees, a photographer and a CSKA operator stood at the entrance. We are five meters away from them. We saw the players approaching, but did not film them and did not interrogate them, because they were specifically waiting for Olic“.

3. “10 minutes before Olic’s entrance, Ulanov and a man approached. Ivan found out who we are and said that our shooting was not coordinated with the press service. Repeatedly repeated this. We replied that we did not know anything about the ban, that we had a task from the leadership and jokingly asked: “What will you do if we shoot? Will you start breaking out the camera? “… We were giggled in response.

Photo: Screen from RIA Novosti telegram

4. “I noticed that Olic was approaching. The photographer got ready to shoot. Olic and Babaev came out, I took out my phone. First, they attacked the photographer, who was entering from the side of a nearby car. Then, when I shouted out a question, Ulanov drew attention to me – he grabbed my phone, but did not touch me. I closed the camera and held it. Then we switched to a photographer. “

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5. “At the same time, we did not invade the closed territory, there were children and parents nearby, who also filmed Olic on the phone… We did not carry a threat, did not interfere with the passage, but simply wanted to show that a new coach had arrived. “

6. “That’s all. We took off and left. Nobody chased us away. They just shouted a couple of times: “We asked for it” – “Okay, but we have already removed it”.

Could the club really have banned journalists from filming?

The chairman of the Moscow Bar Association answers Andrey Knyazev

1. “Of course, the actions of CSKA employees are illegal… In our country there is an article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 144: “Obstruction of the legitimate professional activities of journalists.” But, unfortunately, the authorities usually do not respond to such statements, this is a rather dead article. They practically do not open cases on it. Unless, of course, damage was caused to a person or a camera.

2. The security service is wrong – they shouldn’t have done that. This was not filmed in a toilet or a closed club. The journalists were doing their job, but they were prevented from doing it.

3. Journalists cannot be prohibited from filming. There is an option in which there was a gentlemen’s agreement between the parties, and the journalists did not fulfill it. Even if they were warned in advance, as I understand it: it was not a demand, but a request. Close from filming can be, for example, a court session or a private event.

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4. There is also the so-called right of custom. When you regularly rent dozens of clubs and suddenly you are banned in one, it’s at least strange. A journalist in a public place pursues the interest not to photograph someone and self-satisfaction, he pursues the interest of the public, fans. He’s not the paparazzi who caught someone picking their nose. This is a normal and normal reportage. “


Ivica Olic

Ivica Olic

Olic’s first day at CSKA.

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