Tennis betting: the best legal bookmaker offers for 2021


Tennis betting in legal bookmakers

In the current article, we will consider the best offers for those who like to bet on tennis in legal bookmakers. We will also study the tennis markets offered by bookmakers in the Russian Federation to betting fans.

In many other sports, when making a bet, it is worth considering many factors that are influenced by the mood, current shape, physical and mental state of the players, as well as the banal mood of each direct participant in the match. In the case of tennis, there are only two participants in the competition – rivals who have met in a duel where there are no a priori draws. Therefore, at first glance, this is the simplest discipline for gambling in an attempt to predict the outcome. However, this fact is the primary reason that tennis is in second place after football in terms of popularity in the betting world.

The legal bookmaker market of the Russian Federation has the same features in full. Moreover, tennis players with a Russian passport have shown excellent results in recent years, as is the example of the Tokyo Olympics, held in 2021. This provokes an even more rapid growth in the popularity of this direction. Let’s take a closer look at how to correctly bet on tennis in the legal segment and whether it is possible to earn consistently at a distance.

Full list of legal bookmakers in Russia:… Here you can choose the most suitable for you personally according to certain criteria.

Features of legal tennis betting

The official bookmakers in Russia have a problem with attracting a sufficient number of clients for whom tennis bets would be profitable. Therefore, it is important to offer not only low margins for tennis matches everywhere, but also to publish high quotes in popular markets. Also, do not forget to regularly conduct promotions timed to major tournaments.

It should be noted right away that the tennis season lasts almost all year round. Even in December, when the top tennis players are resting, a number of minority tournaments are held, on which bets are also made. For tennis, in particular, it is characterized by the absence of a fixed start time and duration of the match, which creates certain inconveniences. Also, the weather often affects the outcome and the course of the match. Nevertheless, most of the fights take place on courts without a roof, which forces the organizers to interrupt them and postpone the continuation to the next day at the slightest precipitation, which makes the court slippery and changes its technical characteristics. It is clear that betting catch-up, for example, in such cases is very risky.

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When choosing an event, it is worth paying close attention to the surface on which it takes place. The current rating of athletes and the form on a specific type of site help the bettor to navigate partly. On the other hand, it is important for a bookmaker to take into account all these nuances when drawing up a line, otherwise the players will start using “bald spots” in it everywhere. Still, in terms of the number of possible strategies, both in prematch and in live, tennis simply has no equal. We’ll take a closer look at this topic below.

Well, how to forget about face-to-face meetings. When we talk about this in team sports, the influence of lineups and the standings of teams is enormous. In tennis, the context is much less, because we are talking about head-to-head rivalry on the part of only two players. So you should pay much more attention to personal matches when making a bet. Moreover, in games of equal opponents, tie breaks are not uncommon, which leaves additional opportunities for choosing profitable markets.

Types of tennis bets


When analyzing the pre-match line of a legal bookmaker, you should immediately pay attention to the format of the match. It should be understood that the men’s singles Grand Slam tournaments are played up to three sets won. Consequently, the strategy of handicaps, as well as total, will be different compared to competitions in the masters or ATP500 categories. For women, the handicap even at the TBSH does not differ in any way, since in their case the organizers do not break the format in comparison with the usual form.

Of course, the most popular is the bet on a win, if the bettor considers the tennis players to be equal, and for some of them the odds are higher than 2.30 in the prematch. If the quotes are approximately equal, then one of the live strategies, which involves betting on games, becomes relevant. But we’ll talk about this below. Before the start of the event, the line leaves the opportunity to bet on the exact score of the sets, especially if there is a clear favorite in the fight. For men’s tournaments on hard, in which a player with a strong serve goes with a clear advantage even before the match, it makes sense to check this particular method.

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Legal offices are also characterized by division by type of bet, up to who will be the first to collect a certain number of games won. The notorious “race” is ideal for betting if players break frequently and therefore it makes sense to take risks. For the bookmaker, the main task pursued by the pre-match line is to attract the attention of tennis fans, hence the legs of such combined markets as “win + total” grow. Also, the following types of bets are not uncommon here:

three-way total;
European handicap;
playing matchball;
comparison of sets by performance;
the probability of ace on matchball;
playing matchball and winning.

At the same time, we have considered only the most popular markets that are standard for legal bookmakers in a prematch. In fact, for each match of the ATP / WTA250 category tournament, this list is standard both in terms of the breadth of offers and the quality of odds.

Live betting strategies


So we got to the most interesting, namely the list of betting strategies that are applicable to tennis live. Let’s make a reservation right away that the process of creating new successful strategies is endless and even in the summer of 2021 there is still new room for growth. Nevertheless, the most popular continues to be the catch-up to women’s matches. Especially if you are interested in betting on tennis, if high odds are offered for WTA matches on clay. The fact is that most tennis players are not so strong in the game on their serve, which means that sooner or later there will be an exchange of breaks, for which quotations rarely fall below 2.35, even taking into account the described context.

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Seriality in taken games on his serve is present in men, especially on fast surfaces such as grass and hard. But the fact of the matter is that making a bet in such situations will not be entirely profitable given the low quotes. Bettor, who bets in this market and in a similar style, risks overriding the bet in the event of a single failure, at least seven, or even eight successful ones. Agree, the game is hardly worth the candle in this perspective …

But at the moment, a completely effective strategy in live for men’s fights is the option “Score 40:40 in a game – Yes”, if the athletes are not entirely equal in terms of confidence in games on their own serve. Usually, quotes for this kind of fluctuate in the region of 2.50 – 4.15, which allows you not even to increase the amount at the first steps, acting on the principle of the classic Martingale. Sooner or later, room for such a game will give the pot growth at a distance, which is what every professional strives for. Also, do not forget that in the Russian Federation, to play in a legal bookmaker company, you must have a verified personal account in TsUPIS, which gives you the right to wager absolutely legally.

Also, for many legal firms, some of the best strategies in tennis betting, which are named after Dallas and Shchukin, remain relevant. A cursory analysis of them, one can come to the conclusion that this is a veiled belief that the favorite will win. It remains only to choose the most correct way, without waiting for the sixth step, the moment for a break and the trick is in the bag.

Whatever it was, but you can always resort to your own observations and build a strategy that will bear your name. The main thing is the desire and striving for success in the gambling business!

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