“Tambov” will live! RPL clubs will help him with unnecessary players


Tambov will not withdraw from the Russian Championship, but will finish the season 2020/2021! This was announced today by the president of RPL SErgey Pryadkin.

“We hope that the football club will remain in Tambov,” Pryadkin said. – As for bankruptcy, there is a new scenario, thanks to which it can be avoided. We delayed because we spoke with the governor. There are options. Today’s meeting was dedicated to the issue of electing our representatives to the Dispute Resolution Chamber. On it, on the initiative of a number of clubs, a meeting with all RPL clubs will be organized in the coming days in video format. We will discuss the current situation with the Tambov club. We will do everything to preserve the integrity of the competition. Moreover, it is important that the club is preserved with appropriate conclusions regarding the retention of players, salaries and the fulfillment of all requirements. Yesterday and the day before yesterday we discussed this topic. As members of the executive committee, we say that we will try to do everything possible so that the club not only finishes playing, but also retains its legal personality. “

It may seem that “Tambov” is disgraced. In fact, more questions for the RPL

The Russian championship is losing the team. Who is to blame and what will happen to the league now?

But where will the beggar club, which plays home matches in Saransk due to the lack of a stadium, find money and players? Recently it became known that the total amount of accounts payable “Tambov” is 544.1 million rubles. In addition, 13 players broke contracts with the RPL outsider in winter – Alexey Gritsaenko, Mikhail Kostyukov (both went to Rubin), Evgeny Shlyakov (UTA “Arad”, Romania), Sebastian Thiel (Niederkorn, Luxembourg, returned from lease), Alexander Karapetyan (“Ararat”, Armenia), Zhasurbek Zhaloliddinov (Lokomotiv, from lease), Herman Onugha (“Krasnodar”, from lease), Adesoye Oyevole (“Orenburg”), Alexey Rybin (“Kuban”), Alexander Kaplienko, Guram Tetrashvili, Maxim Volodko and Valery Chuperka.

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Pryadkin explained everything:

“I am responsible for the RPL money, commercial filling. Previously, if we do not violate any obligations to sponsors, “Tambov” should receive about 51 million rubles. This money is paid at the end of the season, but I have already said that there was an initiative of the clubs, we are ready to discuss the topic that we will help with this money ahead of schedule. For the club to play out. We will not find out why everything turned out this way, it is better to ask this question to the leaders of the club. On the other hand, you can count on the money that we have for the training of young men from UEFA. There are a number of receipts from their sponsors.
In total, “Tambov” now has about 120 million rubles: this together with our money. Not enough, so additional funds will be sought. Basically, the money will go to pay off debts to football players and pay salaries. But there is also a special roadmap that we have developed – the amount there will be increased. By what means? A question for the governor. Today we saw that everything will go through the Federal Center.

RPL clubs are considering leasing their players to Tambov. We have studied this proposal. It is important that the club leaders themselves are at the scheduled videoconference. Nobody delegated to other people the solution of such issues. But the issue is being discussed. We are also holding consultations with the RFU, and together we will come to a common solution to this issue. No player registration? First of all, you need to understand on the basis of what the ban was imposed. It is necessary to fulfill the condition – to pay off the debt. Then the registration of the players opens. “

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RPL issued a statement on the situation with “Tambov”

According to available information, the Tambov players will be asked to withdraw their applications from the RFU Dispute Resolution Chamber so that the club can open an additional application. As of today, the team has eight or nine players left, which means that about 15 more newcomers need to be hired. Moreover, the players will have to throw off at least half of the league, since according to the rules adopted from the current season, one club can rent from another no more than two players at a time. General Director of Rubin Rustem Saimanov confirmed that Kazan residents are ready to help Tambov:

“This is a widespread practice. We, too, Alexander Tashaev played: in “Spartak” he received a lot of money, but in “Rubin” – no. The footballers will get playing practice. We are, of course, not talking about leaders. Quite competent players will be sent who do not qualify for their clubs’ entry.

By the way, Rubin is one of those who took points from Tambov in the championship (draw 2: 2). Kazan played with the team Sergey Pervushin already in both circles, and, of course, they would be offended if the opponents of the RPL outsider got three points in the remaining rounds without a fight.

Here is Tambov’s calendar for the second part of the season: Rotor (h), Dynamo (v), Krasnodar (h), Sochi (v), CSKA (h), Khimki (v), Arsenal (v), Lokomotiv (d), Rostov (v), Akhmat (v), Zenit (d).

In addition, on February 21, Tambov will play in the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup with Lokomotiv in Moscow.

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For Tambov fans, this is happy news, but what is changing in the grand scheme of things? It is clear that in the history of preserving the club, the main goal is to save the image of the RPL, and not the newcomer to the elite. Having somehow reached the end of the season, in the summer “Tambov”, most likely, will order to live long.

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