Stories about Euro 2020 from Championship journalists – about going to football stadiums and fan zones


The Danes saved the Championship journalist. 5 stories about the Euro that have gone off-screen

Stories about Euro 2020 from Championship journalists

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These things were not included in the reports. Although they form the atmosphere of the tournament.

The European Championship went on for a month. During this time, the journalists of the “Championship” were faced with different situations, which can now be told about. Five journalists – five stories.

1.Andrey Pankov and the Danes

The main impression is the kindness of the Danes. I think I will never again hear so many positive wishes from opponents. The Danes were treated to beer and asked about football.

Although the main shock was already at the stadium in the press box, where I was sitting in one T-shirt. If it was hot in Copenhagen during the day, then in the evening at the stadium I was naturally shaking: half of my nerves, half of the cold.

Andrey Pankov

Andrey Pankov

Somewhere in the 15th minute of the match, the fans of Denmark, who were sitting at the distance of a flight of stairs, noticed this and threw a jacket at me to keep me warm. After this (and the departure of the Russian national team) I was rooting for the Danes at the Euro, because they saved me from the cold.

“I don’t remember anything like that!” Denmark celebrated the victory over Russia

2. Dmitry Golubovich and motorists

I was driving a champmo on this trip and I constantly noticed that people were looking at the color of our car. At some point, I needed to park, and a bunch of bikers blocked the entrance to the courtyard. They glanced at the car and parted with shouts: “Championship”, skip “Championship”.

By the way, this is how the colorful combat color of our Volkswagen tiguan

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Many motorists also gave way to a painted car. Purely to see the inscriptions on the doors of the car and scan the QR code. True, there was a case when we all had to stop and make way. A whole family of ducks passed it.

3. Evgeny Markov and shops

My love is food on the street, snacks on the bench and other pleasant moments associated with food and nature. During the Euro, there was and is a lot of work, which means that there was not always enough time to wait for an order and make a choice. Therefore, my favorite format saved me – on the bench. Especially in the Primorsky Victory Park near the St. Petersburg stadium, where I worked, filmed the passes of fans from Europe and wrote reports.

Strength in the fans: 7 amazing actions of fans in support of the Russian national team
Strength in the fans: 7 amazing actions of fans in support of the Russian national team

My favorites are custard trdelnik + cold latte and Belgian waffle with the same cold coffee. Take a break on a bench, forget about football and heat, have a tasty and satisfying refreshment – an important thrill of this hot St. Petersburg Euro. I can only compare with this only a daytime sleep on a St. Petersburg bench, when the heat at 35 degrees found me in the same park. I put a bottle of water under my head, recharged myself and had a wonderful hour. And then – to football.

Evgeny Markov

Evgeny Markov

4. Grigory Telingater and meetings

The most valuable thing at Euro is communication. He was wildly lacking due to all these restrictions, which last for almost a year and a half. In this regard, going to the Euro is an opportunity to meet people by chance and exchange opinions (an important thing in our profession). During my trip to St. Petersburg, I met many acquaintances. And colleagues and friends who came to the football. I even met one Brazilian friend.

Returning to Moscow, I thought that we underestimate chance encounters. Having almost reached the capital by car, my colleagues and I went out to take a picture by the Shosha River. And by chance they stumbled upon the president of FC Znamya (Pavlyuchenko, Shishkin, Yanbaev are performing there now …). Of course, we also talked to him. It is a pity, the background guessed to be photographed. More filmed on the shore of our Volkswagen Teramont.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

5. Maxim Pakhomov and pass

At this Euro, I mainly worked from the fan zone in St. Petersburg. The main entrance is from Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street. It was blocked due to coronavirus restrictions about an hour before the start of Russian matches. Then people began to run along the fence, trying to persuade the police to let them in, came up with arguments about “need to go to the toilet” (so the toilet had to be closed), shouted about the constitution …

Maxim Pakhomov

Maxim Pakhomov

The most resourceful ones called restaurants in the fenced area, booked tables there and asked managers to meet them. The police also understood the deception, but formally people went to the restaurant, so the police seemed to have nothing to do with it. And when the entrance was eventually opened for a minute, a crowd of fans ran inside with shouts. Do you want to watch the match in the fan zone? It’s amazing why you don’t look RPL like that?

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