Spectacular fan of the Polish national team, interview with Polish Miss Euro Marta Barchok about Euro 2020, Russia and Cherchesov


“It is not only cola that unites us with Cherchesov.” Polish “Miss Euro” is delighted with Russia

Spectacular Poland cheerleader

We found her and asked her about football, Polish cuisine and Russian men.

You’ve probably seen the model and cheerleader Marta Barchok in the media or social networks, who became Miss Poland at Euro 2016 and still makes an impressive appearance in European stadiums. From the latter, she came to St. Petersburg, where she received wishes to stay in Russia, as well as massive compliments like “you’re cool”.

You could read about Martha a few days ago at the “Championship”: here is the material with her photographs and a brief history of her life.

“What a cool one!” Polish “Miss Euro” is offered to stay in Russia

We did not repeat after people in the comments under Marta’s photo, but interviewed a fan from Poland. Marta is one of the symbols of the Euro and a guest of the tournament in Russia. Did she like it with us? What does he know about Robert Lewandowski? And what unites her with Cherchesov?



– During the 2018 World Cup, I did not manage to come to St. Petersburg, I was even upset about this. – Marta communicates with me in English and generally lives in London. – But at Euro 2020, the fans of the Polish national team were more fortunate: our matches were moved to St. Petersburg, and I was happy, because a new city is always a new adventure. I also heard that St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital. But, having been here, I can say that it is not only the cultural capital of Russia, but also the world. I spent two days here and it was wonderful: boat trip along the canals, dinner on the top floor of the hotel overlooking the sunset. I went to the Hermitage, walked around the Hare Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress and near the Savior on Spilled Blood.

– How do you like Russia?
– I love Russia and am happy to be here again. The food and drinks are delicious. People are open and friendly. Russian men – well, very hot, this is how Slavic blood is manifested in them. In general, I want to visit you again. Moreover, in Russia many pleasant and funny moments happened to me: they recognized me on the street and at football (and not only men), asked to be photographed, they said that my fans. I like it!

I enjoyed your country and Petersburg, but before my eyes Poland lost to Slovakia. So the trip to Russia left slightly mixed feelings.

– Are Poland heroes at the Euro?
– I could not get to the match with the Swedish national team in St. Petersburg, because I returned home from Spain to London. I had to go to quarantine, so I watched the game at home. Was sad! We had chances to go further, I believed in our team, but Sweden played better. The match turned out to be emotional, our players fought to the end – that’s why we love our team. They always give their best.

– Tell us about yourself and football.

– I am a fan of the Warsaw Legia, which was coached by Cherchesov several years ago. So I advise you to visit our PGE Narodowy Stadium – the most modern and largest in Poland; one of the symbols of Warsaw, built for Euro 2012, for 58 thousand spectators. We also have excellent cuisine – try pierogi, rolada śląska with kluski or rosół. Here are the Polish names for you, so as not to be mistaken and to fall in love with what I advise you.

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With Cherchesov, in addition to “Legia”, we are united by the love of stake.

Photo: instagram.com/martabarczok.official

As for football, I watch it all the time. Since I pay for additional football channels, I can watch all the matches on the planet.

– Surprise with the story about Lewandowski?
– Watch his TikTok – there are many funny videos. So just subscribe to it!

– And the last thing. What are your plans next?
– I returned to London, went to the Austria-Italy match, and then I will follow all the Euro matches and, if possible, go to the stadium.

And the Polish national team is waiting for the selection for the World Cup. I can’t wait for the matches, because I don’t miss them.

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