Spartak paid 18 million for the players, but now they are in the second team. How did it happen?


Rocha and Selikhov

Spartak paid 18 million for the players, but now they are in the second team. How did it happen?

Not everyone went to the FNL without a scandal.


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Spartak-2 started the second part of the season with a home draw against Dynamo Bryansk (0: 0). Goalkeeper Alexander Selikhov, midfielder Alexander Tashaev and winger Pedro Rocha played for the red-and-white farm club. In addition, midfielder Ayaz Guliyev is in the position of the second team. Four experienced players, for whom Spartak paid a total of 18 million euros, are stuck in the best years of their careers in the FNL! We remember why this happened.

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The red and whites risked losing two candidates for the Russian national team, but in the end they retained both.

Alexander Selikhov

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

Selikhov and Georgy Dzhikia moved together from Amkar to Spartak in December 2016. The goalkeeper’s transfer cost more: 3.5 million euros. Now one of them is the captain of the red and white, and the other is a deaf substitute who has almost no chance of winning a place at the base. Although in the 2017/2018 season, Alexander became the first number of the team, and in total he played 37 matches for Spartak (conceded 38 goals and issued 14 crackers). Selikhov’s career in the red and white team was broken by two operations on the Achilles tendon. While he was recovering, Alexander Maksimenko took his place in the goal.

“If nothing changes by May, I will leave Spartak. I lost a lot of time, I want to play, ”Alexander admitted in January. Although his contract with the club is valid until the end of December 2022.

Ayaz Guliyev

Spartak returned its pupil in January 2019, having paid Rostov 1 million euros. Guliev looked very solid in the Rostov team, so it seemed that he would be able to win a place at the base of the red and white. Angry, tenacious, able to make decisions in the game, the centerhaw had to realize his potential in Moscow.

But the return to Spartak was completely unsuccessful for Ayaz. He was remembered only for scandals. In April 2019, he beat a US citizen in a road conflict. In May 2020, he behaved incorrectly in communication with the physical training coach Vladimir Chepzanovich, after which the centerhava was removed from the first team. Guliyev managed to play 26 matches for Spartak (scored one goal). Since November 2019, I have not entered the field at all. After such a break, it will not be easy to play even at the same level.

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And in the Champions League, Quincy delivered an unforgettable game with four performance points.

Alexander Tashaev

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

When Tashaev moved from Dynamo to Spartak in July 2018 for 1.5 million euros, many drew parallels between him and Roman Zobnin. Alexander was considered a candidate for the Russian national team and had to repeat the path of his former teammate – to become one of the leaders of the red and white. He had a good 2017/2018 season, scoring seven goals and seven assists in 27 RPL games.

But in “Spartak” for 2.5 years Tashaev has zero goals and two assists in 28 matches. Obviously, Alexander made a mistake by exchanging the blue-white for the red-white. He was not on his team. In addition, in January 2020, he underwent surgery, due to which he missed four months. True, then Tashaev was temporarily a Rubin player, where he went on loan without much benefit. It was reported that the midfielder wanted to break the contract with Spartak.

Pedro Rocha

The purchase of Pedro Roshi is undoubtedly Spartak’s biggest mistake in the market. Taking the winger away from Gremio in August 2017, Muscovites almost broke their own record. At that time, the transfer of the Brazilian for 12 million euros was the second in the list of the most expensive acquisitions in the history of red and white.

Pedro Rocha was never able to adapt to Russian football, having played only 19 matches for Spartak (one goal, two assists). So far, the club has managed to return only 1.25 million euros due to two leases of the player in Cruzeiro and Flamengo. Now the Brazilian is waiting for a third rental or sale, but the transfer amount will, of course, be much lower. Transfermarkt estimates Pedro Rocha at 2 million euros. If Quincy Promes hadn’t returned, the winger would probably have gotten another chance. And so he became an extra legionnaire in the application and went to the FNL.

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