Spartak are making a fool. Levnikov’s dad is on the commission for a reason. ” Tour refereeing analysis


The past 25th round of the RPL turned out to be truly scandalous. The judges played an important role in this – the game of Lokomotiv and Spartak will be remembered for a long time. But questions to the referees could arise not only from the red and white: Sergey Karasev (CSKA – “Rotor”) also played a strange match. Arbitrator Igor Fedotov, which continues to develop his YouTube channel, analyzed all the games of the round and commented on the decision of the RFU expert-referee commission to recognize all the actions of the referee of the Lokomotiv – Spartak match as correct.

The symbolic team of the 25th round of the RPL. Vadim Evseev’s version

Six winners of “Spartak” and an armor-piercing triplet of attack at once.

The floor is given to Fedotov.

Khimki – Tambov – 1: 0

The match was judged by Bezborodov. He did a good job at his level. It is strange that he was given such a game, and not a Spartak match, for example. In the fifth minute, when Tambov was hitting an empty goal, Bezborodov correctly stopped the game – the Tambov footballer put out his hand and hit the defender in the face.

Another moment happened at the end of the first half. Many were indignant when Khimki went on the attack, and their player gave a dangerous pass to Mirzov. If the judge had not whistled, there could be a one-on-one way out. We can say that this is a methodical mistake, but not serious, since the action took place in half of the Khimki field, it was necessary to run 50 meters. In general, the work is good, Bezborodov’s score is 8.3.

Ufa – Akhmat – 3: 0

Kukuyan worked at the game. On the 86th minute, the Ufa player blocked the blow by extending his hand. The episode happened outside the penalty area, but Kukuyan had to punish the guest player with a yellow card. And in the 88th minute, the Ufa player jumped into the Akhmat player, there was speed, flight phase, straight leg and spikes. It was necessary to remove, but Kukuyan limited himself to yellow. His score is 7.8.

Who in the RPL went up and fell in price the most? First update 2021

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The price of 17-year-old Zakharyan has grown sevenfold.

Rostov – Rubin – 0: 1

Vasiliev had a good match. I did not see anything complicated and serious. There were falls in Rubin’s penalty area – in the first case, a ball game, in the second – a game collision. Score – 8.4.

Sochi – Zenit – 1: 2

I don’t even want to discuss this match, it is clear that the game is about nothing. Zenit got an obvious “offside”, and there is nothing more to talk about. Moskalev has 8.4.

Did Sochi really give up attacking at 2: 1 in favor of Zenit? Parsing the last 10 minutes

After the game at Fisht, talk about the “farm club” flared up with renewed vigor.

Lokomotiv – Spartak – 2: 0

On the 43rd minute, at the moment with the fall of Promes, there was no violation of the rules. There was contact with Promes, but this was not a violation or a penalty. Levnikov figured it out. The Loko player was playing the ball, so the ball went forward from him. In the moment with Ayrton’s removal, one must understand where the judges saw the violation of the rules. They considered that the Loko player fell from contact with the foot to the penalty area, so they ordered a free kick, not a 11-meter kick. Red on the case – Ayrton did not play ball.

Hitting the ball into Pablo’s hand in the 53rd minute is a violation of the rules. For me, this is an 11-meter shot: the ball hit the Loko player’s chest and ricocheted from it into his hand. The judges were wrong, Spartak should have taken a penalty. And Pablo should have been punished with a yellow card. As for the clash between Jikia and Kamano, both should have been punished with warnings.

Spartak is again accused of whining. Do people in Russia like it when laws don’t work?

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Asking to understand the work of the judge and Sukhina’s behavior is normal. Stop living by the concepts.

When the ball hit the hand of the Lokomotiv defender in the 87th minute, I have one question – what else needs to be done to get a penalty kicked ?! The ball hit the hand of Loko’s defender after Maslov’s cross. This is a clean hand! Should have appointed an 11-meter, this is just a disgrace.

Also a question for Levnikov – why did he delay Mukhin with the card for so long? Made three fouls, only yellow for the fourth time. And there was a foul on Ayrton, there was a foul on Sobolev and Zhigo. He had played yellow earlier, and Sobolev was given a card quickly, although he showed with all his appearance that he did not want to foul.

ESC recognized Levnikov’s actions as correct. But they have not said anything about VAR yet. What did Levnikov do right? He continued the game. Was Ivanov, who worked for VAR, right? Of course, Spartak are making a fool of us too. There was a video from behind the gate, it was Ivanov who watched all the replays. On the 52nd minute, on the replay from behind the gate, you can clearly see that the ball hit the hand. And it was VAR that did not call Levnikov in the second moment – where the ball hit the elbow is also visible.

Guilherme was punished realistically, Spartak – conditionally. Controversial decisions of the FTC

How one scandal escalated into another.

It is strange that all Levnikov’s decisions are correct. But it is clear that he is being taken to Europe instead of Karasev. And he got on his knee for a reason. And they say rightly: Levnikov’s dad is not just sitting on the panel of judges. And the fact that he takes the challenge does not mean anything. And the inspector at Levnikov’s match was Zuev, the deputy chairman of the ESC. So he didn’t even need a dad here. Ambition, nepotism, Levnikov’s desire to judge in Europe – hence not a single decision that he was wrong. And under Yegorov, it was removed for 10 months, and no one helped.

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Arsenal – Krasnodar – 1: 0

Sidenkov did a good job once again. In the 18th minute, when Krasnodar attacked, the Arsenal player was rolling in a sliding tackle, the ball hit his hand. The decision to continue the game was correct, as the defender was leaning on his hand. This is not a foul by the rules of the game. His score is 8.5 – this is a difficult moment.

Dynamo – Ural – 2: 2

Panin in the 56th minute correctly showed the second yellow to Shimansky. Otherwise, everything was calm, score 8.4.

CSKA – Rotor – 2: 0

Olic in CSKA = three wins out of three. Will there be enough emotions for Loko and Spartak?

We followed Ivica throughout the match against Rotor.

Karasev’s work surprised me. There were no blunders, but he missed a lot of fouls from Stepanov. He had to show the first yellow at the 11th minute, and the second at the 21st. Even in the first half of the match against Rotor, CSKA should have remained in the majority. But Karasev did not give anything! And this is the FIFA referee? Apparently, he decided not to strain, since he got to the European Championship. Although the moments are obvious. This is a complete bias against CSKA. His score is 8.1, although he actually worked at 7.9.

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