Spartak and Rubin finished the match with ten men, and Sobolev’s goal was canceled. Where did the judge go wrong?


Spartak and Rubin finished the match with ten men, and Sobolev’s goal was canceled. Where did the judge go wrong?

We analyze the work of referee Lapochkin with Igor Fedotov. He called Sobolev a simulator.


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Spartak lost the second match in a row after the season resumed: last weekend in the cup game, the red-whites lost to Dynamo, and today, within the RPL, they lost to Rubin. Head coach of Kazan Leonid Slutsky did not discuss in detail the refereeing after the game, although he said that a large number of cards were predetermined, and his agreement or disagreement with them does not matter. Andreas Hinkelwho replaced the head coach of Spartak in the game Domenico Tedesco, the referee praised. But, like after the match with Dynamo, the fans had questions to the head referee.

Promes is not the same? Even with Quincy, Spartak suffered their fourth defeat in a row!

Domenico Tedesco’s side failed to score again despite the Dutchman’s return.

At the end of the first half for the second yellow card Sergey Lapochkin deleted Roman Zobnin, but in the 71st minute he leveled the rosters, expelling Rubin’s footballer from the field (also for the second warning) Abilgora… Another controversial episode happened in the 75th minute – Spartak equalized the score, but Lapochkin determined Sobolev offside position, which was later confirmed by VAR. Arbitrator Igor Fedotov, who continues to develop his YouTube channel, analyzed all the controversial episodes of the match.

The floor is given to Fedotov.

45 + 3rd minute. Removal of Roman Zobnin

– Zobnin was sent off correctly, why he kicked Rubin’s player, I don’t understand. The yellow card is here for rough play.

Spartak paid 18 million for the players, but now they are in the second team. How did it happen?

Not everyone went to the FNL without a scandal.

71st minute, removal of Abilgore

– You shouldn’t have removed the Rubin player. He played ball, didn’t hit the leg. The judge invented the second card. Perhaps the referee confused the players, they have the same boots. Abilgore played ball. The problem of the moment is that there is no speed, dynamism, offensive. Sobolev drew how he can do it. I turned on the simulator again. Why Lapochkin didn’t understand, I don’t understand. This is not even the first yellow, and certainly not the second.

75th minute, Sobolev’s canceled goal

– The offside is clean, Sobolev’s goal was canceled correctly, he normally climbed offside.

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