Shamil Tarpischev: Rublev did not let Nadal breathe


RTF President Shamil Tarpishchev responded to Andrei Rublev’s victory over Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Monte Carlo.

“Rublev in the match against Nadal played aggressively from the first to the last point. Andrei did not let the Spanish tennis player breathe, because he constantly forced Rafa to play on stretches. Rublev had an advantage everywhere, except, probably, after the second serve – in this element Nadal was superior. In other situations, Andrei was better. Most importantly, he played powerfully and at high speeds – it was difficult for Rafa to create on the court. In the key moments of the match, Nadal was in defense, and Rublev was in the best positional situation – this predetermined the final result.

As for the semifinals, Rublev, of course, is stronger than Ruud. But the degree of fatigue and recovery is difficult to predict, because both had super-heavy last matches. Moreover, they are heavy not even in terms of volume and time, but in terms of the intensity of the game. Recovery will be the dominant factor. Underrecovery leads to mistakes, it is difficult to keep attention and pace. Objectively, Andrey is stronger, but everything will depend on the recovery factor, “- quotes Tarpishchev” Championship “.

Andrey Rublev set a unique achievement thanks to the victory over Rafael NadalIn the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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