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The 2019/20 L League league can be categorized into three categories: AZ Alkmaar is committed to promoting and marketing talents in the European football market, and Manchester United is one of the clubs that skims over the cream of the proposed Astana product "With "Partizan" they are located somewhere in the middle – they are not averse to sell and buy, but in most cases goods are not bought from the first freshness Today in – about the cost of the composition of the clubs of Only Sultan and Belgrade after the portal transfer market.

"Astana": the total value of the players – 25.4 million euros

The most expensive football player: Marine Thomasov – 3.8 million euros

In the application of the strongest club in the country there are immediately 12 "millionaires"! The most important is Marin Tomasov. Horvath is truly a one-of-a-kind player for KPL, the only legionary in the history of domestic football who reached the peak of its market value at the age of 30.

Since the arrival of Marina in Astana its price has more than doubled, and now Thomasov is the most expensive capital of the entire Premier League. In the list of the rich, Kazakhstan's Dmitry Shomko and Roman Murtazaev and the Congolese company Mubele share 2-4 places – each of them has a transfer value of 2.5 million euros.

Partizan: the total value of the players – 25,825 million euros

The most expensive football player: Lazar Markovich – 4 million

One of the two best rated Serbian clubs is only marginally superior to the Kazakh champion in terms of transfer value – less than half a million euros.

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And the principle of occupation is similar in many ways to what Astana practices. Partizan in competition with Red Star weakens other clubs in the country and attracts young talents from across the country under his wing.

The black and white clip of local students is watered down with legionnaires who are not in demand in the strongest European leagues and often leave the fair.

However, in view of the higher skills of Serbian players compared to Kazakhstan, they are much higher on the football market.

The then 19-year-old midfielder Lazar Markovich was sold in 2013 for 10 million euros to Benfica. In 2014, his transfer price increased twice and the midfielder of the Balkans moved to Liverpool.

However, in the Merseysiders camp, Lazar could not reach its full potential. On the basis of the "Reds", he spent only 19 games in five years and was able to lease five times.

And this summer Markovic returned to Partizan, who was plagued by life and has long lost a place in the Serbian national team. Its price is now only 4 million euros.

In total there are 10 football players in Belgrade, whose market price is measured in numbers with six zeroes, including two former Moscow "army men" – Zoran Tosic and Bibras Natho.



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