Sergey Kharitonov: “Top Dog offered me not 10 million, but an order of magnitude more”


Russian heavyweight Bellator Sergei Kharitonov claims that the Russian fistfight promotion Top Dog offered him a large fee to perform at one of their tournaments.

“There will be a fight on bare fists, probably in July-August, and before that I want to fight in Bellator. Top Dog offered me not 10 million (rubles, – approx.), Not even about that, but an order of magnitude more. I cannot voice the conditions that were offered to me. If the battles at Amiran do not overlap with those, then it will be possible. Why not?

I had to fight, but due to the unpleasant situation that happened in November, I had to postpone a lot of things, to refuse many. In theory, I should have fought the third fight now, “said Sergei Kharitonov in an interview with Alexander Lyutikov.

Recall that last week Kharitonov fought with his bare fists in the league of video blogger Amiran Sardarov, defeating Mike Cook in the first round.

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