Саят Абдрахманов: Петр Ян скоро может получить титульный бой в UFC

Sayat Abdrakhmanov: Peter Yan could soon get a title fight in the UFC



On the morning of June 9, the UFC 238 tournament took place in Chicago, Illinois. One of the main winners of the tournament was Russian fighter Peter Ian. The manager of the athlete Sayat Abdrakhmanov spoke in an interview with Prosports.kz about the future of his client.

As part of the main card, the Russian fighter Peter Yang showed a brilliant performance. The 26-year-old athlete from Yekaterinburg had the fifth fight under the auspices of the UFC, while Jan made his debut in the promotion less than a year ago. In February, Peter vividly declared and defeated the veteran John Dodson by a decision. Yang was in the team's matchmaker last Sunday and hit 29-year-old Jimmy Rivera.

From the first few seconds of the battle, Yang took the center of the octagon and actively attacked the opponent in the rack. UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier noticed the high speed of Jan shattering Rivera in the rack. Besides, the fighter has been actively working on the opponent's body, showing tangible progress since the last fight. At the end of the first round, No Mercy sent Jimmy down hard, but the US fighter managed to survive the rescue gong. For some reason, the American corner advised Rivera to openly talk with his rival, and he was punished several times over. It seemed like it worked and Jimmy started to interrupt Jan but paid it at the end of the second five-minute session – Peter sent his opponent down again and the gong saved Rivera again. In the last round, it became clear that Yang had done a great job in staying power. Even before the announcement of the result, it was clear that a fighter from Russia took a confident victory.

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This Victoria is the fifth in a row for Yana in just 12 months under the auspices of the UFC. The correspondent of Prosports.kz spoke to the manager of the fighter Sayat Abdrakhmanov. Abdrakhmanov spoke about the future of his client as well as a possible title fight against Henry Sehudo.

– Bright performance of Peter Yana. What's next for your customer? Should the audience wait for a fight with Cody Garbrandt? Muñoz and Assunção are also free now.

– Yes, in fact Peter showed a brilliant performance at the tournament. During his first year in the UFC, he scored five wins and entered the top 5 of his division – a tremendous achievement given the short break between fights and intense training. Had a great break before the fight with Rivera, then Peter would show even brighter. Now he is in a very good position. He will rest and wait for a suitable fight and a suitable name. Maybe this is the main fight in a tournament in Moscow, maybe it's a challenge fight. If his opponents are injured, he can win a title fight. Now it's better to wait for a match.

– Jan is the most active UFC fighter in the last 12 months. How do competitors from the standings agree with fighting with him?

– It's really not easy for opponents who are higher in rating to agree to a fight with Peter. You understand that Peter is a rising star, though he's not as famous as he can be in a year. They see a great risk and a small reward in this fight. Given URs interest in promoting Peter, they can put pressure on his rivals. For his part, Peter has to make concessions. So he agreed to fight John Dodson in the Czech Republic, although he could wait for the fight in a tournament in St. Petersburg. The same goes for Rivera – he fought in the US, in Jimmy's homeland. Since Rivera lost his last fight, he could not dictate conditions.

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Peter Yan after winning the UFC 238 tournament

– Has Henry Sehudo managed to surprise you with his performance in the main battle of UFC 238? After how many fights can Yang qualify for a fight with Sehudo?

– Henry Sehudo surprised me personally, how many fans. He really proved that he deserves to be a champion. In the course of the battle he overcame difficulties and injuries after he had found the key to Marlon Moraes and defeated his opponent sovereign. Basically, the fight Sehudo-Yang is likely, maybe in the next fight, but the probability is not very high. If you have to fight another fight, we will not mind. I think the meeting between Sehudo and Peter will be very spectacular. At least this fight on paper looks more interesting than the fight of Sehudo – Sterling.

– Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone also played at UFC 238. Will Tony be able to surprise Habib Nurmagomedov in a potential fight?

– Tony and Cerrone had a great fight. It was an honor to watch as I sat in the cell next to the commentators. Of course, Tony Ferguson is a superman. I think the sooner his fight for the title takes place, the more interesting it can be, as the fighter does not get any younger. Time is playing against him now. I hope we will see his fight against Habib Nurmagomedov or against Dustin Pore. I am sure that he can cause problems for any lightweight on this planet.

Abdrakhmanov also talked about the future of an ethnic Kazakh from Russia in the UFC Damir Ismagulov. The 28-year-old fighter in February this year beat judge Yoel Alvarez, after which he took a short break for injury.

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"Damir Ismagulov had several injuries after the battle in Prague, which he successfully healed. He has now started an active training and we are in negotiations about his next fight. Damir rushes into battle, I'm looking forward to it. I hope that we will soon be able to please both him and the fans with good news.

As for the transition damir featherweight (66 kg). According to his scheme, one can imagine what his diet consists of. Now, of course, he has a lot of weight. So it does not pay to switch to a featherweight. We have to tackle this transition more professionally. Already have a stricter diet and weigh less than now, "concluded Abdrakhmanov.

Photo: Abdakhmanov's personal Instagram account

Team Yang after the tournament



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