Rui Vitoria will head Spartak: why the club chose him, who is he, insider information and details


Will Spartak head coach-no-name for a century? 5 reasons why the club chose Rui Vitoria

5 reasons why Spartak chose Rui Vitoria

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Why is he more comfortable than Jardim and how will Spartak live with a new coach? All insights about red and white.

The saga with the new coach of “Spartak” is close to completion. The club must sign a contract with Vitoria. First, the Championship announced that it was Rui who was the main candidate for the head coach of the red-and-whites, and yesterday it was confirmed by journalists from the Portuguese OJoga. For a Russian fan, an invitation from a Portuguese may seem strange – in fact, the club takes a noun-name coach from Saudi Arabia. But this is not the case. Yes, the specialist has achieved success with Benfica, but in Russia they don’t really follow her, and he left there against the background of very sagging results. We will tell you why the bosses of the red and white people chose this particular candidate.

Rui Vitoria is the main candidate for the post of Spartak coach. What you need to know about it
Rui Vitoria is the main candidate for the post of Spartak coach. What you need to know about it

1. Loyalty

According to our information, the club did not pay attention to Vitoria’s last place of work in Saudi Arabia (where he headed Al-Nasr). The key factor was the coach’s willingness to fit into Spartak’s sports system. The club no longer wants a mentor to tell management how the system is supposed to work. There is a task to do the opposite – the coach must adapt to the structure.

2. Lack of revolutions

Spartak now does not need a roster revolution, and Vitoria is ready to work with the current players. Strengthening, of course, is possible, but from Rui you should not expect a specific list with the names “to enter”. Of course, the Portuguese will ask players for specific positions and discuss it with the transfer committee. But the names themselves will be offered by the club. Not all candidates for a place Domenico Tedesco were ready for this format of work. For example, Leonardo Jardim and Rafael Benitez wanted to work only after the qualitative strengthening of the composition. But there is no need to wait for revolutions.

Ballast or hidden reserves? Which of the tenants will still be useful to
Ballast or hidden reserves? Which of the tenants will still be useful to “Spartak”

3. Money

Vitoria is a fairly budget option for Spartak. The club’s public relations director had previously stated that 4.5 million euros (such figures were cited by colleagues from Portugal) would not pay the new coach. The coach will not have eight assistants at Spartak – this was reported to the Championship by a source close to the club. We are talking only about three or four new people in the headquarters – and the costs for him will not be more than for the headquarters. Domenico Tedesco… But Jardim’s requests were much higher – about six million euros. The head coach of Lyon is also more expensive Rudy Garcia – he was also wooed to Spartak.

4. Style of play

Making predictions about how Spartak will play with Vitoria is a thankless and even useless task. But, discussing the candidacy of the Portuguese, the sports director of the red and white Dmitry Popov paid attention to the compactness, pressure and aggressive football of the Portuguese teams. Whether it will turn out the same in Spartak is a big question, but it is obvious that the club looked at the coaching philosophy of the candidates. This is partly why the option with Jindrich Trpishovski (the main thing in the Czech “Slavia”) – he has much more emphasis on physics (which also requires the purchase of other performers) or Rafael Benitez – his football can be called more primitive.

Promes did not improve Spartak's structure. The team needs a new top ten next season
Promes did not improve Spartak’s structure. The team needs a new top ten next season

5. Working with youth

“Spartak” has always declared the importance of the progress of its pupils. Here the statistics speaks for the Portuguese: under him, Benfica opened up Renato Sanches, Gonçalo Gedesh, Ruben Dias and Victor Lindelof… Spartak is clearly counting on the same effect.

Questions about the invitation still remain. This is the degradation of the results after the first season, and the new four-defender scheme: Vitoria’s teams played this way, and Tedesco built a system with three central ones. And it is difficult to call Vitoria a top coach “for the championship”. But the logic and explanations for Spartak’s decision are clear.

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