Real Madrid appoints Carlo Ancelotti as head coach – appointment breakdown


Zinedine Zidane didn’t just resign. He also wrote a letter to the fans, in which he explained his decision – and in this letter you can easily read transparent hints of dissatisfaction with the leadership.

“I was not asking for privileges, but for a better memory – so that people have more respect for what this team has achieved recently. After the defeats, I read in the press that I would be fired if we did not win the next match. This hurt both me and the whole team, because deliberately leaking such statements to journalists creates a misunderstanding. Of course, I’m not the best coach in the world, but I know what the team needs. I can give everyone, from the player to the staff, the confidence they need to work. Human relationships are needed, they need to be nurtured, this is the most important thing. But in “Real” they did not understand this, to some extent they even reproached me for it ”.

A unique wave of resignations: the coaches themselves are unhappy and are leaving the clubs en masse. Why?
A unique wave of resignations: the coaches themselves are unhappy and are leaving the clubs en masse. Why?

Another Madrid club legend Vicente del Bosque, voiced what everyone thought: “This message should be read between the lines.” In fact, it is not necessary. Because everything is already on the surface.

Zidane believes that the club should have been protecting him and the team in this difficult season, and instead, management through the press further increased the pressure. Zidane stressed that he was not tired, but left because he no longer felt trust. Yes, he does not speak directly about the president, but this is also a feature of Real Madrid – at any mention of the leadership, everyone immediately thinks about Florentino Peresebecause this club is not a democracy, here the maximum power is concentrated in one hand.

So it doesn’t matter from whose side Zidane did not feel sufficient trust: even if it was not Perez personally, but someone from the board of directors, the responsibility in the end still rests with the president.

Perez could not hold back Zidane. The question of a successor is all the more important because Real is not quite in a state where any problem can be solved with money. According to Sport, the club has a debt of 900 million euros. Even if this is not the case, it certainly did not decrease, but increased during the pandemic season – and according to the report of the auditing company Deloitte last summer, Real’s debts exceeded 600 million. There is no money, although the restructuring is absolutely necessary.

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Real Madrid spent 300 million euros in the summer. And I must spend the same amount
Real Madrid spent 300 million euros in the summer. And I must spend the same amount

Varan, Ramos, Modric, Kroos, Benzema – half of the base has not changed for 10 years (this is not counting Casemiro). Real Madrid needs not new rotation players, but new leaders. That is, either expensive purchases, or a coach who can take the already existing youth to a new level. And now the coach is selected.

One side, Carlo Anchelotti – one of the greatest trainers among those who work now. Winner of more than 20 trophies, including the Champions League with different clubs and championships in four top European leagues. On the list of the 100 best coaches in history from France Football, he is number 18.

On the other hand – Ancelotti at Real Madrid? Seriously? Right now? After a bad job at Napoli and a bad job at Everton? Wait a minute, he took 10th place in the Premier League. Talking about the competitiveness of the league is pointless: Everton flew past the European cups not because of Guardiola, Tuchel and Klopp. And because he lost at home, for example, Burnley, Fulham, Newcastle and Sheffield. Because in the last 12 rounds of the season, he won only three victories, gaining 13 points. At the start of the season, the club even jumped into first place, after the first round it claimed the Champions League and gave no reason to expect failure – but the failure happened. And this is the coach of Real Madrid?

Everton lead the Premier League. How did it happen?
Everton lead the Premier League. How did it happen?

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Everyone knows that Ancelotti is not a builder. He adapts to the best qualities of the players and forges harmonious relationships in the locker room. Due to this, all his teams won – plus the individual class. One would assume that the Everton players simply do not have enough class, but there is something to say to Jordan Pickford: “We didn’t prove ourselves as a team, we didn’t have enough attitude. Even the weaker teams beat us, even the ones that had already been eliminated. They won simply by wanting. ” Firstly, very frankly, you rarely hear this. Secondly, these words call into question Ancelotti’s main skill: the ability to unite the team. Seamus Coleman also admitted in the media in the second half of the season that the team lacks unity.

What happens. At best, if Ancelotti is as effective at Real Madrid as he was at the peak of his career, he will be able to maintain the current level of the team. But it will not raise it higher. Zidane is a coach of the same direction, who builds relationships with the players, and chooses tactics according to the situation, based on the opponent and who is in what form. He does not have a system, and within this direction Zidane has reached a ceiling – it will not work to improve his level of results without changing his approach, because he himself does what Ancelotti did at the peak of his career.

The restructuring will be postponed again. The permanent veteran backbone will continue to determine the level of the team. By the way, this is a bit like Milan Ancelotti, which was slowly aging, almost imperceptibly losing ground and wasted time for renewal. In this situation, the championship in La Liga will again depend on the problems of Barcelona: if they persist, it will be possible to fight, but if the team reaches its usual schedule of about 90 points per season, there will be no fight. By the way, even at the peak, Ancelotti was not particularly good at a distance.

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In the worst case, if Ancelotti really lost the magic of personal charm, thanks to which he used to squeeze the maximum out of his players, then Real Madrid will face a weaker season. Because there is no need to expect miracles from Carlo in terms of tactics, for example, a system that will mask the weaknesses of the players and make the team stronger through synergy. He never did that.

The really good news is not connected with him personally, but with the return of another person to the headquarters of Real Madrid. Antonio Pintus, the chief fitness officer, has returned from Inter. It is no coincidence that Madrid experienced the worst injury season in their recent history (60+ injuries) during his absence. With his arrival, there will be no need to worry at least that the team will quit running in the spring (as Everton left). His methods should compensate for Ancelotti’s overly liberal training. This is really encouraging news, but Pintus would be just as effective with a trainer capable of building a system.

Real Madrid have already chosen the right coach. You don't know him
Real Madrid have already chosen the right coach. You don’t know him

With all that said, it is possible to formulate real expectations from Ancelotti. First (and most important) is to prevent a major failure in the face of an aging basis and lack of money. Secondly, and this is more a mystical story than a rational one – Ancelotti is a Champions League specialist. Of course, Perez remembers this. The calculation of “what if” looks ridiculous, but it must be admitted that the tournament itself has been devoid of any special logic in recent years.

Of course, Perez knows something about the condition of Real Madrid that we do not know. He could never be accused of a lack of ambition. Perhaps a coach of the caliber of the current Ancelotti is exactly what the club can now afford. But even in this case, the choice is controversial. Even if the assignment works, it’s just a way to hold the moment for a while. And with a different outcome, it will become a step back.

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