Превью титульного боя Куата Хамитова в Fight Nights Global

Preview of Kuat Khamitov's title fight at Fight Nights Global


Today, on the 26th of April, the FN Global 93 tournament will take place in Moscow's Mytishchi Arena, where the title fight will be played by Kuat Khamitov. Prosports.kz presents a preview of the upcoming Battle of Nyman.

One and a half years later, the 31-year-old fighter, whose return to the event was delayed a little, will appear in the Fight Nights Global 93 tournament: In the Russian promotion, Khamitov debuted in December 2016 when he defeated Haji Rabadanov with a choke. After that Naiman went to Magomedsaygid Alibekov for the title fight, but the fight in April 2017 did not end in favor of Kuat. That evening, the decision of the majority of judges was celebrated by the fighter from Russia. In November of the same year Khamitov gathered the full ice palace "Almaty Arena". In the southern capital, a Kazakh fighter welcomed a close friend and teammate of Conor MacGregor Peter Quilli. This fight turned out to be close and the victory was lost by the decision of Judge Khamitova, but later the jury changed the status of the fight to a fair draw. After a tough fight, Khamitov definitely needed a break. And he understood it. Coincidentally, Russian promotion has been going through hard times since the beginning of last year, and tournaments are no longer taking place at such intervals as before.

Originally, Khamitov was scheduled to meet Narimon Abbasov in Octagon last October at the FN Global 86 tournament in Almaty, but the fight was stopped for unknown reasons. The future of the Kazakh fighter was uncertain, and it was rumored that Kuat would lead a title fight in China's WSB promotion. In June last year, Armenian fighter David Khachatryan made a loud statement against Khamitov, but the conflict did not go on the internet and the fighters did not agree on the octagon. The wait has been delayed, but fans have not seen Khamitov in action for the last year and a half, but in February of this year, Kuat Khamitov finally learned the day he returned – April 26th.

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Today, 25-year-old Nariman Abbasov from Azerbaijan faces Khamitov. Despite his young age, Abbasov managed to reach a record of 23-3 in six years as a professional. In FN Global, the fighter made his debut in May 2016, since then he has managed to perform several fights in various promotions around the world. It is noteworthy that in December of the same year Abbasov yielded to Magomedsaygid Alibekov by decision of the judges and in April 2018 by judges' decision defeated Kazakh fighter Adil Boranbayev at the FN Global 86 tournament in Astana. Abbasov brings most of his fights into the judges decision, but the fighter can also boast of knockout power. As for the octagon's abilities, Abbasov feels good on the ground and likes to reduce the distance in the rack, but he does it extremely predictably as he only has his left hand. A fighter likes to hack a short piece. He also spends a lot of energy in the first few laps and the upcoming fight is scheduled for five laps. Also Abbasov in championship rounds can stagnate, which Khamitov can play into the hands, if the latter actively uses the bumps. Despite the predictability of the fighter in the rack Abbasov is extremely dangerous until the final bell.

Kuat Khamitov does not know how the long downtime affected the fighter. On the one hand, Kuat managed to heal injuries and also made significant progress. On the other hand, he goes after a break of 19 months in the title fight without Aufwärmkampf against an active and young opponent. Of course Khamitov will try to bring his opponent to the ground in the upcoming fight, where he has more advantage. Kuat can already fulfill his dream today and win the coveted title of FN Global, which will open up excellent prospects for the fighter.

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But above all, this fight is waiting for the company's president, Kamil Hajiyev, who needs an active fighter from Kazakhstan. If Zhalgas Zhumagulov leaves the promotion, only Khamitov in his homeland can put on full arenas for his battles.

"Confrontation is important. Why Because Both are in our tips and are very popular in their countries. I think that has a certain value. Which school is better: Azerbaijanis or Kazakhs? Who is the best in the lightweight category (70 kg)? It can be said that the Azerbaijanis delegated Abbasov and the Kazakhs Khamitov. Both are cool, but the belt will only go to one of these countries. This means that MMA will develop very strongly in this country. He is already well developed there, but getting a belt into the country is always a big event. There is no war between Khamitov and Abbasov, "Hajiyev said.

Keep in mind that the Fight Nights Global 93 tournament will take place on the evening of the 26th of April. The card starts at 21:00 CET.

We add that the night has passed the official consideration of the tournament participants. Khamitov showed an overweight of 2.5 kg on the scales and thus received a yellow card. Abbason agreed not to stop the fight.


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