Portugal – Croatia – 4: 1. Text broadcast of the match


Follow the text broadcast of the UEFA Nations League Group Stage Matchday 1

The League of nations. Group A3

Portugal – Croatia. – 4: 1

Goals: Canselo (41), Jota (59), Felish (70), André Silva (94) – Petkovic (91)

Warning: Drive (60),

Portugal: Anthony Lopes – Canselo, Pepe, Dias, Guerreiro – Moutinho (Sergio Oliveira. 81), Danilo, Bruno Fernandes – Jota, Felish (André Silva, 88), Bernardo (Trincao, 77)

Stock: Patricio, Ruy Silva, Semedo, Fonte, Sergio Oliveira, Duarte, Gedes, Neves, Rui, André Gomes

Croatia: Livakovic – Edvay, Lovren, Vida, Barisic – Brekalo (Perisic, 61), Pashalich (Brozovic, 61), Kovacic, Vlasic, Rebić – Kramaric (Petkovic, 72)

Stock: Grbic, Servant, Vrsalko, Chaleta – Tsar, Budimir, Skorich, Colak, Bedel, Melnyak

Arbitrator: Davide Massa (Italy)

Stadium: “Dragau”


nine4 minutes Goal! After a cross from the corner mark, substitute Silva pushed the ball into the goal.

93 minutes Dangerous! Livakovich saves after hitting Zhoty from outside the penalty area to the bottom corner.

91 minutes GOAL! Canselu loses the ball in his own half, after which Perisic brought Petkovic into the penalty area with a penetrating pass, who shot past Lopes

90 minutes The referee compensated for 4 minutes.

88 minutes Replacement from the owners. Felish was replaced by Andre Silva.

87 minutes Dangerous! The Croats brought their attack to the point of hitting, but Brozovic struck from the line of the penalty next to the post.

85 minutes The hosts allow the opponent to possess the ball, but only on the distant approaches to their own penalty area.

83 minutes The game has lost interest, the toothless attacks of the Croats do not lead to anything.

81 minutes Replacement for the Portuguese. Moutinho was replaced by Sergio Oliveira.

79 minutes Dangerous! Trinkao beat Vida in the opponent’s penalty area and shot along the goal, but there were no partners on the far post.

77 minutes Replacement from the owners. Bernardo was replaced by Trincao.

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75 minutes INthe first zp for a long time, the guests lingered in the opponent’s half, but Lovren’s cross did not lead to anything.

72 minutes Substitution with Croats. Petkovic came out instead of Kramaric.

70 minutes GOAL! This is already a rout! Felish kicked from outside the penalty area and sent the ball into the bottom corner.

67 minutes Croats look very passive today. It seems that the hosts are playing against a very weak opponent.

65 minutes Quite a lot of time before the end of the match, but it looks like the Croats are not ready to confront the hosts today.

63 minutes Game paused, injured in collision

61 minutes Substitution with Croats. Brozovic came out instead of Pashalich, and Perisic replaced Brekalo ..

60 minutes Warning. Hardly got a card for a foul against Zhota.

59 minutes GOAL! Zhota raced from the left, burst into the penalty area and struck the bottom past the goalkeeper.

57 minutes Dangerous! Bernardo threw the ball to the line of the penalty area to Fernandes, after which Livakovic took the sphere.

56 minutes 17-2 on shots on goal. But the hosts’ lead is minimal.

54 minutes Fernandes tried to hit the near corner with a free-kick, but sent the ball high.

53 minutes Guerreiro passed at speed and was knocked down a meter from the corner of the Croatian penalty.

49 minutes As long as nothing changes in the Croatian game, the guests cannot adjust the game.

47 minutes A pause in the game, Guerreiro played too hard against Barely.



43 minutes All on business, the owners had to go on a break, leading in the account. Croats should thank Livakovic and Fortune that the score is still minimal.

41 minutes GOAL! Kanselu shot great from a long distance, shifting along the penalty line and powerfully knocking under the crossbar.

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39 minutes The hosts took a break in attacking actions.

37 minutes The hosts filed for the seventh corner in the first half, after which Livakovic interrupted the flight of the ball.

35 minutes A goal against the Croats has been brewing for a long time, but I would not be surprised if the hosts let it go with such a realization.

33 minutes What is happening! Third Shatanga! After a corner kick, Guerreiro, from outside the penalty area, fired into the far corner, the ball hit the post, after which it bounced off Livakovic’s leg next to the counter.

31 minutes The game takes place in almost the same direction in the last minutes, the hosts have already played enough for their goal.

29 minutes Now Zhota passed at a speed and shot from the corner of the penalty area near the near post.

27 minutes The hosts have a moment by moment! After a pass from the left flank, Zhota cut the ball into the far corner with his head, but again the frame of the goal played for the Croats.

25 minutes The moment! After a pass from the corner mark Pepe struck with his head point-blank, Livakovich saved, after which the goalkeeper kicked off the same Pepe’s kick.

23 minutes Barbell! And now, miraculously, the ball was not in the guests’ net. Felish’s blow from the penalty line hit the post, Zhota finished off from an acute angle, but Livakovich repulsed.

22 minutes The advantage of the Portuguese is becoming more and more obvious, the Croats rarely appear in the opponent’s half.

20 minutes. Moment! And now Kanselu burst into the penalty area from the right, beat Barisic and shot into the far corner, but Livakovic saved the guests.

19 minutes Dangerous! Felish played cool in the opponent’s penalty area, giving the pass to Fernandes, but he began to improve his position and lost the ball.

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17 minutes Dangerous! After a long pass, Dias famously threw the ball to Felish, whose most dangerous blow manages to block Vida.

15 minutes. The Portuguese have a good ball, but there is no progress.

13 minutes Opponents are drawn into the game, there is a struggle for the initiative.

11 minutes… Fernandes shot well from outside the penalty area, but Livakovic played reliably.

9 minutes The Portuguese try to play at a high pace, but the Croats are hardly surprised by the speed.

7 minutes Another good attack was carried out by the hosts, but Danilo struck from outside the penalty area very inaccurately.

5 minutes. There was a slight panic in the Croats’ penalty area after Moutinho’s long throw, but the guests managed to get the ball away from their goal.

3 min. CSKA leader Vlašić shot from a long distance into the near corner, after which Lopes turned the ball to the corner.

1 minute. Even without Ronaldo, the Portuguese are favorites of the match, and without Crisch, the hosts have European stars.


On Saturday, September 5th, there will be a match of the 1st round of the group stage of the League of Nations, in which the national teams of Portugal and Croatia will meet. The meeting will take place in Porto at the Dragau stadium, starting at 20:45 CET.

The Portuguese won their debut Nations League and will be the favorites of the upcoming match. Moreover, the Howarts have traditionally been a convenient contender for the Portuguese national team, which defeated the Balkans in four out of five matches between the rivals. We add that the leaders of the Croatian national team Modric and Rakitic will not participate in the upcoming match.

Our site will conduct a text broadcast of the match Portugal – Croatia.

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