Petr Yan – about the fight between Emelianenko and Ismailov: “Alexander again showed that he is irresponsible”


UFC bantamweight champion Petr Yan shared his thoughts on the sensational fight between middleweight Magomed Ismailov and heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko, which ended with a sensational early victory for Magi.

“The fight between Magomed and Alexander is a fight that is impossible not to know or not to talk about. Magome and I met several times in Thailand, and before that we did not know each other. He is a very positive dude, I like his approach to the training process.

I knew that Alexander would lose in the fight. But I was hoping that it would be a competitive fight, that Emelianenko would be able to show himself. And then Alexander just showed again that he was irresponsible. I had been preparing for seven months, but from his condition it is clear that all this time, apparently, he was blissed out. Specific work is needed here: fiddling, interaction with a partner, imitation of a duel, “said Peter Yan in an interview with the Vestnik MMA YouTube channel.

Recall that Yang also spoke about his attitude towards Andrei Orlovsky.

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