“Orenburg”, “Nizhny Novgorod” or “Torpedo”: who will leave the FNL in the RPL, layouts, opinion


“Orenburg” will not be allowed into the RPL? Officials will again distribute seats in the elite for next season

Who will leave the FNL in the RPL, layouts, opinion

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The 15th RPL team and the 3rd – the FNL have chances for the Premier League. Are we waiting for Nizhny instead of Orenburg and a chance for Baltika with Torpedo?

The issue of the championship in the RPL has already been resolved, the struggle continues for the Champions League and European Cups, but the situation with registration in the league for next season is even more interesting. Today it became known that the league clubs have spoken out against meeting Orenburg halfway on the issue of licensing for the next season. Now the team does not have a stadium that meets the requirements of the RPL – the local Gazovik can accommodate only seven and a half thousand spectators, while the regulations require at least ten.

Zenit pleased Spartak. The Champions League is closer to the red and white
Zenit pleased Spartak. The Champions League has become closer to the red and white

Orenburg takes second place in the FNL two rounds before the end of the season. From the third place – four points, and will play with the teams from the relegation zone – “Irtysh” and Bryansk “Dynamo”. But, assuming that Orenburg will not be allowed to play in the RPL, the third FNL team should get a chance to get into the elite – this is Nizhny Novgorod (which will definitely not fall below the third place). Or not?

The beauty of the situation lies in the fact that now there is no answer to the question of who will play in the RPL – the third team from the FNL or the 15th from the current composition of the league participants.

Nizhny Novgorod will get a team in the RPL again?

Immediately after the news that the clubs spoke out against the exceptions for Orenburg, journalist Ivan Karpov said that a serious sponsor, Rostec, is coming to Nizhny Novgorod. Perhaps the decision not to help Orenburg is connected precisely with this, because in this case, Nizhny can get a direct ticket to the Premier League.

Information about the new sponsor is confirmed by the Championship and our sources. The city will now allocate less money to the club. Indirectly confirms the theory of a place in the RPL for Nizhny and today’s dismissal of the club’s head coach Roberta Evdokimova (immediately after a major victory over Spartak-2) – a new sponsor comes in with a demand to appoint his specialist, who, with a high degree of probability, will become Dmitry Alenichev… Perhaps Nizhny simply decided: since the issue of a place in the RPL has been resolved, then the coach can be fired right now. Plus, do not forget that the team plays at the stadium of the World Cup, and exploiting them as actively as possible is a task of almost national importance.

“Orenburg” can be smuggled into the RPL bypassing the regulations. Why do we need a law if it doesn’t work?

Does Orenburg have a chance?

The rules of the play-offs have not yet been adopted, but after the May holidays, this should be dealt with. Although the situation itself is a little striking: in fact, the RFU executive committee, which approves these issues, chooses from specific teams. That is, the choice can be between Rotor / Ufa / Arsenal – and Nizhny. They can give Orenburg a chance, despite the position of the clubs, but only in theory. In practice, it is difficult to imagine this: here is a powerful blow to the reputation of the RFU, and a wonderful stadium with a good sponsor in Nizhny Novgorod. Although in a normal situation there should not be a choice between specific clubs in principle – for this, such regulations should be adopted before the start of the season.

Who else will get a chance at the RPL and can no one be kicked out of the league?

At the same time, there is an option in which the one who has taken off from the RPL will retain her registration in the league. And “Nizhny” will go up there too! Watch your hands:

  • Orenburg is not licensed by the RFU and is out of the fight for a place in the sun;
  • “Nizhny” receives a direct ticket to the RPL;
  • Alania can get into the joints according to the table, but there are also problems with the stadium – the reconstruction will not be completed by the end of the year. And if the RFU refuses a license to Orenburg, then Alania is unlikely to meet halfway. Hence, we also cross out “Alania”;
  • Thus, “Torpedo” and “Baltika” (or “Neftekhimik” – he still has a chance for sixth place) will rise to the joints. Torpedo and Baltika should be ready for the RPL (Muscovites will be able to find a stadium in the Moscow region), but will our authorities decide to give the fifth and sixth FNL teams a chance in play-offs? The main thing is that the club without a license is not allowed to the joints: then the conditional FNL club (which is not ready to play in the RPL) can beat the 14th or 13th RPL team, but still not go anywhere. But this option is hardly possible. But whether the play-offs will be given to the fifth and sixth teams of the FNL is a seemingly rhetorical question: why not give (if the clubs receive a license), because there must be a sports principle. But last year, for example, the play-offs were canceled altogether. So you can wait for anything.

What do we end up with?

One thing is clear: “Tambov” will not be in the RPL next year. But here we are not just talking about departure – the club will just die completely soon. Officials will decide the rest of the issues and the distribution of seats in the RPL. Most likely, Nizhny, not Orenburg, will get a place in the elite, while the sports principle will remain, and no one will make exceptions for a club without a stadium worthy of the RPL. And it is right.

It will be nice if Torpedo and Baltika also get a chance at the RPL – at least at the junctions, they are worthy of trying their luck.

“It will be a disaster.” “Alania” will not be allowed into the RPL, even if it comes out there?

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