Olga Morozova: When the lockdown was announced, people decided to go to a restaurant, like the last time


Finalist of Roland Garros and Wimbledon 1974 Olga Morozova in an interview with Sport24, she commented on how the spread of coronavirus is being fought in the UK.

– Are local people afraid of a new strain of coronavirus?
“People my age are trying to live by the rules. You just don’t want to break certain things when they might go against you. I have never been depressed by the situation that I cannot go to a disco. I haven’t gone there in 50 years! It’s sad that we don’t go to the theater, but now good things are on TV. If you tune yourself, then everything will be fine.

Lonely people are more likely to suffer from this virus now. There are many such people living here, and it is difficult for them, because they cannot communicate with their relatives from other cities in any way. And the fact that in just one day 700 people died is scary. You need to make sure that you follow the rules, and everything was fine with you.

– You communicate with people. What do they say about this new virus strain?
– My main concern is my daughter, who lives in central London. She said that when on December 18 they announced the closure of everything, people decided to go to the restaurant, like the last time. Everything was packed there! Everyone rushed to these restaurants … This is some kind of strange reaction. One gets the impression that it is impossible to live without a restaurant. I understand the motivation of restaurants, but running there to dive in one last time is ridiculous.

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– What surprises you the most in this situation?
– I am surprised by one thing: how can countries not come together to create a vaccine for the benefit of all? Everyone doesn’t work together! Some kind of wild competition is taking place instead of this vaccine being available to everyone faster. This is my idea, which came from the USSR, but it is important.

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