Novak Djokovic: I wanted to quarantine with everyone, but I was not allowed


Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic responded to criticism over proposals to soften quarantine for athletes in Melbourne.

“I wanted to clarify something. My good intentions in relation to colleagues were interpreted as selfishness and ingratitude. This is completely wrong. Not all actions are perceived correctly, and sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t give up everything, enjoy the advantages and not pay attention to others problems However, I always prefer to act and help, despite the possible consequences and misunderstandings.

I sincerely worry about my colleagues, but at the same time I understand how the world works, who gets privileges and why. I have worked hard to earn my position, so it’s hard for me to just watch when I know how important even the smallest support was when I was small and insignificant myself. Therefore, I use my privileges to help.

In my letter to Craig, I took the opportunity to discuss how we can improve the conditions for players caught in a full lockdown. There were suggestions and ideas received from other players in our chat. I understood that the chances of their implementation are small. Likewise, due to strict government restrictions, my request for me to be quarantined in Melbourne rather than Adelaide was rejected.

The journalists made things worse, and it seemed that the players (including me) were ungrateful egotists. I am very sorry that this happened because I know how many are grateful, “Novak tweeted.

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