Netherlands 0-2 Czech Republic, match review, 27 June 2021, UEFA European Football Championship


Have the Dutch been knocked out by the Russians again? Karasev is the protagonist of the Euro playoffs

Netherlands - Czech Republic - 0: 2, Euro 2020 match review

The work of the Russian judges will be discussed after the game of 1/8 finals, the Netherlands – the Czech Republic.

The Czech national team reached the quarterfinals of Euro 2020, where they will play on July 3 in Baku with the Danish national team.

The match Netherlands – Czech Republic was interesting to us not only because of what kind of football the players of the two teams will show, but also because of the referee decisions. This 1/8 final meeting was entrusted to the Russian referee Sergey Karasevassisted by Igor Demeshko and Maxim Gavrilin… The 42-year-old Muscovite has successfully worked in the group stage matches Italy – Switzerland (3: 0) and Germany – Hungary (2: 2), and it was nice that at least someone does not spoil the image of Russia at Euro 2020.

“We are enemies of Russia, and UEFA has appointed them as a judge.” In the Czech Republic, they are unhappy with the appointment of Karasev

The first half was generally according to the Czechs’ plan. Main coach Yaroslav Shilgavy very competently built the defense. The Czech national team put pressure on the orange when they started attacks from the goalkeeper and during strikeouts – the Dutch were sorted out one to one. A key figure in the Netherlands national team Jorginho Wijnalduma (only 13 touches of the ball before the break) Tomasz Holes… Team Franca de Boer she had a little more possession of the ball, but with great difficulty I could find free space, destinations for passes: often I had to give the ball back to the goalkeeper Martin Stekelenburg… At first, however, it seemed that the goalkeeper of the Czechs was noticeably nervous Tomasz Vaclik, who played unsuccessfully a couple of times at the exits from the gate. Nevertheless, nothing terrible happened.

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During these 45 minutes, the Czech national team even beat the rival – 5: 4. The only shot on target was struck by the author of three goals in the tournament Patrick Schick, while the Dutch, despite the strong support of the “orange” stadium, never hit the target at all! When attacking, the Czechs focused on playing through the flanks, where they were shifted from time to time by three or four people. Considering that the Netherlands national team had only one clean kraik, it was not easy to defend against such a model. Flank defenders Pavel Kaderzhabek and Vladimir Tsoufal turned out to be the leaders among the Czechs in touching the ball before the break (37 and 36, respectively).

As for Karasev, in the first half he worked quite calmly, did not make obvious mistakes. Perhaps his assistants did not raise the flag a couple of times when offside. But if the chances ended in goals, the VAR system would intervene.

“The players are crying …” Why the judge from Russia makes the Czechs associate with Euro 2000

But in the opening of the second half, the main character was just the Russian referee. First he showed a yellow card Denzel Dumfries for hitting an opponent with an elbow in the face. Perhaps, this really did not attract red, since there was no strong accented blow. But in the 55th minute, Karasev removed Matthijs de Ligt… Formally, the decision of our referee in this episode, apparently, will be considered erroneous, since he showed the Dutch defender a yellow card and only after prompting VAR pulled out a red card. But in fact, without repetition, the judge could hardly see that de Ligt deliberately played with his hand, not allowing the one-on-one exit to take place. So the Netherlands national team was left with ten men and lost the status of the favorite of the pair.

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De Boer immediately released Quincy Promes on the field. Although, maybe it was worth lifting not the Spartak player from the bench, but the almost two-meter striker Wauter Vegorst, who played in the group stage. He would have clung to the ball in front, and would have come in handy in defense with the standards, because according to physical data the Czechs were superior to the Dutch. As a result, Shilgava’s team scored after a free-kick: Tomas Kalas won the upper hand and made a discount, and Tomas Goles struck with his head.

After the Netherlands national team was left with ten men, their already not very well-coordinated game finally disappeared. Promes did not at all increase the orange attack. But the Czechs in the 80th minute removed all the questions with the second goal. What a crazy spurt Golesh made to win the rebound and then assist Shiku! The center-forward scored his fourth goal in Euro 2020 with a masterful one-touch shot.

The Dutch finished the match without hitting the target: in the second half they lost on shots – 2: 7 (on target – 0: 4). The Czechs won absolutely deservedly, so the fans in the Netherlands do not need to stress that the whistle is to blame for the defeat of their team. Coach de Boer was criticized a lot, and, apparently, not in vain.

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