Nenad Zimonich: The decision of the players to remove me from the captain in the Davis Cup surprised me a lot


Former captain of the Serbian national team in the Davis Cup Nenad Zimonich commented on the appointment of Viktor Troitsky to this post.

“The decision of the players to remove me from this position really surprised me. They knew very well that I wanted to continue my work.

On October 24, the acceptance of applications for the post of captain ended, and the Serbian Tennis Federation announced that I am the only candidate who meets all the requirements. During my work (from 2017 to 2020), the team has achieved good results. In addition, for 26 years in Tours, I have accumulated enough knowledge and experience.

On November 1, Viktor Troitsky called me and said that the players had expressed a desire to appoint him the team captain. Pi this, they did not explain to me the reasons for my dismissal and never spoke about any problems.

On November 3, I learned that the players had submitted a request to appoint Troitska as captain. And on November 25, the Federation announced the extension of applications for a week.

I have always supported the players not only in the Davis Cup, but in other situations as well. It was a great honor and responsibility for me to be part of the national team. I am proud of my results, as well as the fact that the players chose me as captain in both the Davis Cup and the ATP Cup. So I thought that no one questioned my professionalism, experience and knowledge, “Zimonich wrote on his Twitter.

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