Naomi Osaka: This is happening in Afghanistan, and I am so ungrateful about tennis


Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka spoke about her psychological problems.

“I thought what influenced me so much. What made me refuse to communicate with the press. I think I was afraid. Sometimes I see headlines about the defeat of tennis players, and the next day everyone writes:“ This player is no longer cool, he is not can win. “I want to wake up and feel like a winner. Want to go to court and play, want to see the fans come to watch my tennis. It’s an achievement in itself – such emotions.

I don’t know when I stopped feeling it as vividly as before. These joys – training, matches, fans – are no longer important to me. I was ungrateful to everything.

I watch what is happening in the world … While this is happening in Haiti and Afghanistan … I just hit the ball in the USA, and people come to watch my matches. Probably the easiest thing to be me. I want to be in my place, and not in the place of any other person in the world, “- quoted Osaka CBC.

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