«Меня доводил мой тренер по боксу до нервных срывов»

"My boxing coach drove me to nervous breakdowns"



The athlete of the club "Akhmat", the first in the history of Kazakhstan, the world champion of the MMA Maria Agapova, reported on the Instagram page mma_times of her rise to the top.

"Three years ago, I had the lowest salary in the Kazakh national boxing team. Three years ago my boxing trainer drove me to nervous breakdowns and shocks and called me all sorts of curses that came to his mind. Three years ago I was discouraged by all! My mother told me that boxing is stability, it's a salary every month. And in MMA I get crippled and thrown out. My best friend blamed me for choosing to go as a weakling as soon as hard times came. Despite the fact that I had been unsuccessfully participating in Kazakh amateur tournaments for seven years, I never went abroad. And only fly once in the plane, and then by an absurd accident. When I freaked out and left, he called out to me in a trail: Without boxing you are nobody !!! Three years ago, I dreamed of becoming a boxing champion. And I just could not go and show myself! I would like to thank both the coach and all those who did not believe in me. After all, it was your negative that made me prove the opposite and engage in mixed martial arts.

Now I am world champion in MMA. And a month later, on July 30th, I'm going to America to fight for the right to join the UFC. I could not even dream of it. I'm glad I joined the friendly multinational family of Akhmat Pavlodar. Here I have revealed myself both as a person and as an athlete. I'm glad I did not listen to anyone, just the call of my own heart. And left in MMA boxes. Never be afraid to change something in your life. Do what you want. And do not listen to anyone! Follow your dream! ", Says the fighter.

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Keep in mind that Agapova will be going to Las Vegas on July 30, where he will fight on the show of the head of UFC Dana White. Maria will compete in freestyle wrestling and grappling, one of the strongest representatives of the US and Mexico, 25-year-old Tracy Cortes (5-1). This will be the second most important game of the evening.

Kazakhstan fighters will fight in the show of the President of the UFC in the USA



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