Mourinho was blown away? Tuchel did more in 10 days than the Special in a year!


Tottenham - Chelsea - 0: 1

Mourinho was blown away? Tuchel did more in 10 days than the Special in a year!

Jose Mourinho lost with Tottenham to his former Chelsea team, which has now taken on a new face with Thomas Tuchel.


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Thomas Tuchel made an impressive debut at Chelsea in terms of some stats. In the first two matches under the leadership of the German with Wolverhampton and Burnley, the team owned the ball 75% of the playing time and did not allow a single shot on target. The last coach to start with Chelsea with a pair of rusks is Rafa Benitez in 2012.

But, of course, it was not easy to count on such figures against Tottenham away. Even if the “Spurs” lost the injured Harry Kane. In fact, it was in the meeting with Jose Mourinho’s team that the German really got to know the Premier League.

Yet at the end of the opening 15 minutes of play, Chelsea again had an amazing 78% possession! During this segment, Tuchel’s team earned four corners, but none of them turned into a truly scoring chance. The best chance was in the first attack, a few seconds after the start of the match, Timo Werner, who was desperately trying to interrupt his 12-game dry run in the Premier League.

Tottenham, at the start of Chelsea’s attacks, met the opponents with a narrow four in front to prevent Tuchel’s team from using the formal numerical advantage in the center. The hosts turned off the guests’ defenders from the ball. And it generally worked, with the exception of a few episodes where blue found space through combinations on the third. Therefore, before the goal in the 24th minute, Chelsea never shot on target, but Tottenham did what neither Wolverhampton nor Burnley could: Son Heung Min forced Edward Mendy to catch the ball flying into the goal …

In the middle of the first half, the team was let down by Eric Dyer. The Spurs defender fell in his own penalty area, after which, trying to knock the ball out, he hit Werner’s ankle. This is a penalty. A very stupid penalty. Jorginho shot from the spot without any tricks – and scored.

Tottenham played simply, but the score 0: 1 required the hosts to make more difficult decisions on the field. Before the break, Jose Mourinho’s team had not rebuilt. She was noticeably inferior not only in possession, but also in shots – 2: 7 (on target – 1: 1).

In the second half, nothing fundamentally changed. Although it seemed that Tottenham were trying to press more aggressively, play more of the pass under Chelsea pressure in all parts of the field. Tuchel’s team moved the ball more efficiently than Mourinho used tactical instructions to move his players. “Spurs” did not understand at all how to reach even the blues’ penalty area. On the stage of the Tottenham stadium, some successfully played some of their roles, while others watched this show from the first row of spectators’ seats, only sometimes getting involved in the performance.

Only in the 79th minute fresh Erik Lamela finally struck from behind the penalty area: Mendy’s second shot on target in three matches at Tuchela. Until the 87th minute, it was all that Tottenham created. And yet, contrary to the logic of the game, in the ending “Spurs” had a super moment! A rare case when the home players were able to separate in the attack, ended with a cross from the right and a header by Vinicius Morais. This is where Chelsea are really lucky!

But in general, the Blues deservedly won the derby, inflicting 11 more shots on Tottenham’s goal after the break.

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