Moscow versus Peter? The new undercover fight of our football


The new undercover fight of our football

Moscow versus Peter? The new undercover fight of our football

The leading RPL clubs have signed an agreement. Everyone except Zenit.


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Today it became known that five RPL clubs signed a memorandum on the development of youth football. The document will spell out the main provisions on cooperation, as well as mutual respect for the rights and interests of football academies.

It would seem a common thing, but something else is surprising: in the memorandum there is no Zenit – the leader of Russian football in recent years! The agreement includes only Spartak, Lokomotiv, CSKA, Dynamo and Krasnodar. We are investigating why this memorandum is generally needed and why Zenit is not there.

Official part of the document

The memorandum establishes the principles of cooperation between the five RPL clubs in the development of youth football. “This decision was made on the basis of the importance of a systematic approach to working with novice footballers and the need to create high-quality conditions for the development of children’s, youth and youth football in Russia,” the statement on the CSKA website says. Pretty general phrases, aren’t they?

More details about exactly how the clubs will cooperate were told at CSKA. According to a representative of the “army”, these are:

1) formation of training programs for young football players;
2) exchange of experience between specialists;
3) training and education of trainers;
4) development of the material and technical base;
5) attracting investments in youth football;
6) anti-doping activities;
7) scientific and methodological support of academies.

What is a memorandum for?

Perhaps the main thing stipulated in the document (and which is not spoken about openly) is an agreement on a fair fight for talented football players.

In recent years, there have been high-profile scandals at the level of youth football. So, for example, in 2016 relations between Spartak and Krasnodar deteriorated – then the red-and-white took away the pupil of the bulls Ivan Repyakh. Largely because of this situation, according to rumors, the transfer of Krasnodar striker Fyodor Smolov to Spartak did not take place.

Because of him, Fedun and Galitsky quarreled. Repyakh did not play in “Spartak” and left for Europe

Today it is ridiculous to remember the scandal of four years ago.

Sometimes the transitions of young footballers from one club to another become a semi-gangster story. A striking example is the former Spartak forward Alexander Kozlov, whose football fate was allegedly decided by the criminal authority Ded Hasan.

“They said that I should move from Spartak to CSKA. Then I was summoned to grandfather Hasan “

Alexander Kozlov – about how difficult it is to be the main football hope in Russia.

The memorandum should help to avoid similar situations in the future. At least, representatives of Spartak, Lokomotiv, CSKA, Dynamo and Krasnodar are counting on this.

Why is there no Zenit?

With the question why there is no Zenit in this memorandum, we turned to the RFU, DFL and Zenit. Unfortunately, no answers were received. However, according to the information we have, the initiative comes from the Moscow clubs – they allegedly did not even invite Zenit.

I wonder how the absence of St. Petersburg residents in this agreement will affect the work of their club academy? And most importantly: will the participants in the memorandum – Spartak, Lokomotiv, CSKA, Dynamo and Krasnodar – get at least some advantages? So far, all this looks like an undercover fight of the big clubs of the Russian championship. As if Moscow and Krasnodar, which joined it, decided to be friends against Petersburg.

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