Mass brawl in the PFL match between Murom and Smolensk, a new scandal in Russian football


“This is tough – the goalkeeper will be mercilessly avenged!” A common foul leads to a massive brawl

Mass brawl in the PFL match

What passions are boiling in Russian football!

The RPL and FNL clubs went on vacation, but in the PFL the teams continue to sort things out. The match of the 27th round between Murom and Smolensk turned into a mass brawl with the participation of both teams in the middle of the second half. We will tell you what happened at the Viktor Losev stadium in Murom.

Why did the players start a fight?

In the summer of 2020, head coach Oleg Stogov left Smolensk after a conflict with the management and started working at Murom. Together with a 56-year-old specialist from the Smolensk team, goalkeeping coach Vyacheslav Krykanov left for Murom, as well as a whole group of players represented by Marugin, Stogova, Davydov, James and Minosyan

The game was fundamental for both teams, which were next to each other in the standings. In addition, in the first round, Smolensk won a home victory with a score of 2: 1. Now Murom was eager to take revenge, and some of its players to upset their former club.

In the first half, the teams failed to open an account and went to the break without goals scored. Already in the second half of the meeting, the Murom midfielder Stogov shot past the guests goalkeeper, making the score 1: 0 in favor of the hosts. But five minutes later, “Smolensk” restored the balance by efforts Belunova – 1: 1.

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By the middle of the second half, the intensity of emotions was already so high that it escalated into a massive brawl. In the 70th minute, Murom’s defender Shabalin fouled on Belunov, after which the players of both teams pounced on each other and started a massive brawl.

The rights to the video belong to the RFU and UIA TRK “Muromsky Meridian”. You can watch the video on the Murom TV youtube channel.

As a result of the incident, only the captain of “Smolensk” was removed from the field Meshkovsky… Scorer Belunovand also goalkeeping coach Smolyan Nikolay Grishin got yellow cards. “Murom” did without deletions, but the defenders Shabalin and Shalin also received warnings from the chief arbiter Alexey Kuznetsov

A few minutes later, the meeting in Murom resumed, but the hosts, even in the majority, failed to score the winning goal and take revenge for the defeat in the first round. After a draw, Smolensk is in tenth place in the standings, while Murom is in 13th.

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