Mario Fernandez refused to play for the Russian national football team, will naturalization end in the team, opinion


I have always liked football for its geography. While watching the World and European Championships, as a child, I drew portraits for myself: that the Austrians look like this, the Italians play their signature football, and the Germans beat the British better than anyone else in the world.

Thanks to football, schoolchildren who are fond of it have always – without knowing it – turned out to be strong in history and culture, they knew that Lorient is in France, Catalonia is not Spain both on the football field and in the stands, and the Balkans are generally well-built and tall, like Belgrade Bridge over Ada.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

It is clear that the world is becoming wider. So much wider that the Swiss squad resembles Wenger’s Arsenal, playing at the facilities of any Europeans except the British.

Features like the Swiss add flavor and a bit of drama to the sport. Examples: Sterling’s fled Jamaica family is proud of his goals at Wembley; Mustafi celebrated his victory in the World Cup final with his hands Albanian eagle; while Italians and Argentines regularly talk about related roots and the opportunity to play for both teams (even for Messi).

A conservative fan is unlikely to like this multicultural football at the national team level. Neutral – will surprise you with the variety, broaden his horizons, and he will ask the question: what kind of Kosovo, why is Macedonia suddenly North, and Benzema is not singing the anthem.


Why is this introduction?

I mean that I love football for its color and conservatism. And the latter is expressed not in the fact that ethnic Europeans should play at the European Championship, but in the fact that the French play in French (as they were taught in conventional Marseilles courtyards), and the Russian team – as the national team of a multinational country, where each player represents an individual a region within a single football culture. Even if grown on sheds, the “hit-and-run” principle, but ours and therefore indescribable.

That is why I do not like naturalization for the Russian national team (I will not speak for other countries, because I am not their citizen). Naturalization turns national team football into club football. The effect of the geography lesson disappears, and it turns out that on the right flank of the team’s defense, Russia is played by a footballer who grew up on Brazilian sand, but shy of his Russian language.

Mario in the Russian national team is Cheryshev in the Spanish national team. Cool, charming, but his own with reservations.

Mario Fernandez leaves the national team. The player declined the challenge for the upcoming matches
Mario Fernandez leaves the national team. The player declined the challenge for the upcoming matches


Watching Mario play is a pleasure.

Mario is one of the best defenders in the history of the national team.

Mario is the legend of the home world championship.

Mario is a favorite. So is the basketball player Holden. Or Vic Wilde, a Russian-married snowboarder. This is the very color that fascinates.

Mario is a Russian-loving foreigner and automatically handsome.

With his refusal to participate in Karpin’s first matches, the period of naturalization in the Russian national team probably ends (Ari, Guilherme are quite the past).

Photo: RIA Novosti

And this news sentimentally warms me. It is a pity that the nice and hard-working defender will no longer wear my country’s national team uniform.

It’s great that our guys will play for the Russian national team.

Perhaps it will be more difficult.

But more exciting.

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