Marina Maryenko: Malykh plays in betting matches, for this they are immediately kicked out of school


Andrei Rublev’s mother Marina Marienko commented on the conflict with her pupil Elena Malykh.

The fact is, this kid is playing betting matches in some kind of night league. We learned about this a long time ago, warned her that it was wrong, that they would immediately be kicked out of school for this. But she lied to me all the time. I apologized and then went there to play again. And when she was told that I would report this to the school administration, she did not like it. She freaked out and now, in revenge on me, she does all this, inflates a scandal.

Naturally, there was no violence on my part and could not be. All the good things that happened between us ended after the words “I will write a memorandum to the director.” But this was a necessary measure, it did not fulfill the requirements.

I have six adult witnesses who can confirm that nothing happened in this training session. Coaches from neighboring courts, other people and children who worked with us. It is she who can bring her friends there, who will say something, but I have all the real witnesses, “- quotes Marienko Sport24.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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