M-1 Challenge 101. Прямая трансляция титульного боя Шавката Рахмонова

M-1 Challenge 101. Live broadcast of the title fight by Shavkat Rachmonov



Today in Almaty, the Maly 1 Challenge 101 tournament takes place in the Ice Palace of the Halyk Arena, where Kazakh fighters take part, according to Prosports.kz.

The main event of the tournament will be the battle of the 24-year-old unbeaten Kazakh Shavkat Rachmonov (10-0) with the Russian Danilo Prikaza (11-2-1) for the vacant welterweight title.

Note that their last bouts, Danila and Shavkat, ended prematurely. Our compatriot met Rinat Sayakbayev from Kyrgyzstan and won a technical victory after being rejected in the first round. The Order was eliminated in the second round by Brazilian Eduardo Ramona.

The live broadcast of the battles starts at 16:55 Moscow time. Fights show the TV channel Qazsport. The Battle of Shavkat Rakhmonov and the Danila Order is expected to begin at 20:25 Moscow time.

M-1 Challenge 101 fight night:
Asu Almabayev (Kazakhstan, 9-2) – Pierre Luday (France, 5-0)
Anthony Dizy (France, 11-3) – Abubakar Mestoev (Russia, 7-0)
Vadim Shabadash (Ukraine, 8-3) – Ivan Bogdanov (Russia, 6-0)
Yuri Chobuk (Ukraine, 10-1) – George Garcia (USA, 8-3)
Zaur Gadjibabaev (Azerbaijan, 7-2) – Tanner Beser (Canada, 15-5)
Azamat Bakytov (Kazakhstan, 1: 0) – Boris Medvedev (Russia, 4: 0)
Kadyrzhan Abylaikhan (Kazakhstan, 4: 0) – Beno Adamia (Georgia, 5-3-1)
Michael Lebu (France, 18-9-2-1) – Alik Albogachiev (Russia, 5-1)
Jean Petrick (Brazil, 9-3) – Denis Tyululin (Russia, 5-3-1)
Arman Ashimov (Kazakhstan, 9-3-1) – Kaik Alenkar (Brazil, 9-0)
Hadis Ibragimov (Russia, 7: 0) – Rafal Kiyanchuk (Poland, 7: 0).



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