Let’s get it straight. Olic’s appointment is a dubious decision


Ivica Olic will head CSKA

Let’s get it straight. Olic’s appointment is a dubious decision

Only the leadership of CSKA will be able to explain their logic.


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The other day we published a text about what we were doing Olic in recent years. There were many positive things about the Croat. And about his character, and about his love for CSKA, and about his work at the headquarters of the Croatian national team. All of this is true, but it is important to reflect the other side as well. Frankly speaking, the appointment of Olic is still a dubious step for CSKA. Not just a risk, but rather a gamble.

The person has never been a head coach (generally recently in the profession) and immediately gets a Russian top club. He only worked as an assistant. And that is not the club, but the national team, which meets several times a year. Obviously, the club has a different preparation and different communication.

So far, it all looks like an emotional decision, not a logical one. Olic left positive memories of himself among the fans – this fact does not make him a good coach. In the summer, CSKA spent 30 million euros on transfers. For less money, you can negotiate with a real top coach, whose level will be clear.

Obviously, it can turn out in different ways. Who would have thought that Mancini will not lead Zenit to the championship, but Carrere will it be possible to do this with Spartak? You will probably remember other cases when young coaches were shooting. There are just as many reverse examples, so we can only focus on what we have as of today.

As a rule, initially strange stories (like Yakina in “Spartak” or Gullita in “Terek”) did not lead to anything good. If something looks like a rabbit, jumping like a rabbit, then most likely it is a rabbit. So it is here. If something in football seems out of place, then most likely the result will be appropriate.

Many expected that Goncharenko would finish this season. Why else was it left so many times (including this winter)? It seemed that if a Belarusian was removed, it would not be for Olic’s sake, but someone larger in coaching. Although, of course, Goncharenko’s resignation looks reasonable. Here the logic is clear. Here are the results and, it seems, the players’ fatigue from the coach. Goncharenko was not only demanding, but also threw ice in the locker room and selected extremely harsh language. I immediately recall the words that were repeatedly broadcast.

Now it would be extremely interesting to hear from the CSKA management why the choice was made in favor of Olic. I would like to believe that there is not only sympathy for the glorious past of the Croatian here. Too often in our football, people got stuck because it was important for them to put someone who was their own, and not someone who was more competent.

To be honest, too often CSKA started making mistakes with newcomers. After the sale of the club’s shares, we were told that Giner would not go anywhere and would take care of the team in the same way. Now there are already big doubts about the scale of Giner’s influence on modern CSKA. All the more so if, according to Olic, the last word was for Oreshkin.

The decision to appoint Olic as CSKA coach was made personally by Oreshkin

Well, and one more question that torments. And Olic is definitely more suitable than Ovchinnikov or Onopko, who imagine modern CSKA as well as possible? Besides the fact that they know the players very well, they do not yet need an intermediary in the person of an interpreter. I have no doubt that Ivica will master Russian again, but now he is hardly able to fully convey his thoughts to the players himself.

Any coach at the start would like to wish good luck. Well, Olic will gain experience at the expense of CSKA. Very generous on the part of the club.

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